Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013

For those that follow Jane Hart's work at the Centre of Learning & Performance Technologies -  @C4PLT on Twitter, you'll be familiar with her survey on learning tools from which she produces the Top 100 Tools list.

This yearly event shows trends and patterns in how technology is being used to support learning and also helps identify new tools and developments in the learning space. It's a must read for any individual in learning to ensure you are aware of changes and developments in the industry but also to sense check what tools you are using yourselves or have been adopted in your organisation.

Here is the presentation

Which of these tools do you use in learning or to help you learn / communicate / perform?
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  • My top 5 tools are:

    • Google -  I think everyone has used the term "Google it!" before. Yes, I Google pretty much everything so I say it's my top tool for learning.
    • Buffer - I use Buffer every morning because it really is a BIG help when I'm organising my Tweets/shares. It also helps because I can control what I'm posting and what time it is posted.
    • Twitter/Facebook - I've used both as number 3 as the most important learning tool for me because I think that they're both really helpful when it comes to learning about new things and searching for content and sharing content, etc.
    • PowerPoint - This is number 4 in my top learning tools because as it does help me create slides and showcase my work more attractively than Word, it just enables me to write down my own content; there's not many resources on PowerPoint to research any content.
    • WordPress - I try and use WordPress as much as I can to keep all my blog up to date. As it does provide all the stats, analytics, etc. for my blogs, it doesn't give me the chance to research although I would call it one of my learning tools because I learn as I write.

  • Cheers for posting this Mike! Didn't even know it was out yet- 

    My top 5 are as follows-
    1) Evernote- Took me a while to get into it but once you do it is a game changer! love the way I can search for my old notes and webclip any useful things I find online. 

    2) Twitter- Made loads of contacts and use it's now my first port of call to find the latest L&D insights.

    3) YouTube- Whenever I think 'How to' YouTube is one that comes up with the goods.

    4) Google Hangout- Done a few of these now and they are very cool. Plus think it this tool will get better and better

    5) DPG Community- Although I'm a former DPG delegate, the Community is still the place I go to connect with fellow learners, read blogs and share knowledge. It's the place to be!!!

  • The top 5 tools that I use to help me are:

    • Evernote
    • Twitter
    • Scoop it
    • DPG Community (of course) - fits in with social platform/network
    • YouTube
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