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#TrainingCrimes: Episode 2 - Design and Delivery

#TrainingCrimes: Episode 2 - Design and Delivery


Training Crimes: Design and Delivery

We continue our mission in association with My First Trainers to create a three-part series aiming to nip training crimes in the bud.

In the first episode we looked at Training Needs Analysis. In this second episode, we consider training crimes around design and delivery.


Over the top delivery

There is a need to have fun when learning, but it also needs to be appropriate to the subject and the audience. I remember working in one organisation where training was relatively new. I found in this setting, I had to think carefully about the content and the exercises that would be included to make sure I didn’t lose my audience. In a similar way, content that is too basic is likely to be boring and disengaging for those of a higher experience level. Judging your audience when designing sessions and being prepared to flex when delivering are important skills to have.


Common delivery crimes

60 slides, 300 bullet points seems to be the approach that some take when designing a training event. I’ve come across countless examples of designing sessions that starts with the design of a set of Powerpoint slides. Powerpoint is a tool amongst many and it doesn’t have to feature in every event. Some of the best sessions I can think of have lived without. Life can exist without Powerpoint! What about the pre-course activities that were mentioned in this episode? Have you ever been in a position where you’ve taken some time to get some pre-work done only to then find you didn’t need it. Annoying or what?


Choosing the wrong activities

Whatever activities you choose for your session must be right for the audience and for the content you’re covering. Essentially, they are to help people learn and if they’re not doing that, you really should question the point of including them.


Our CIPD Programmes in Learning and Development are designed to help people develop the skills around design and delivery that are needed to ensure organisational learning is a success. You can find out more about those here.


What are your experiences? Have you come across these crimes before? What other crimes have you experienced? How can we avoid them?


I’m interested to hear your views in the comments below….


Watch out for the final episode of #TrainingCrimes in association with My First Trainers coming out next week. It’s on the topic of evaluation.

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Ady Howes - Community Manager, DPG

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