What do you want?

What do you want?

Hi there

It’s been a big week for me. I started my new role as Professional Development Community Manager – right here in this Community.

I’m happy to be open: I’ve done very little in the Professional Development Community (PDC) this week. Instead, I’ve been looking at my strengths and development areas and aligning them with my ideas for the PDC and DPG’s Values. I’ve been using a fantastically useful piece of software called CareerBurst – but more on that later.

The most important thing is that we push the PDC in the right direction – and here is where you come.

I’d like to open the gates on what you want the PDC to do (and what you don’t want it) So please reply to this post with any and all ideas.

Here are some that I’d like to see - if the demand was there from members:

  • Let’s make the Community compatible with a phone app.
  • A focused CPD, fortnightly video email evaluating recent CPD opportunities and letting you know how many minutes of your valuable time each CPD activity will take.
  • A space where you can securely plan and log your CPD.
  • A method to recognise key contributors to the PDC to improve trust.
  • Evidence-based career advice to show you how to progress in your organisation.
  • An Online library offering access to a range of ebooks relevant to DPG programmes.

Let me know which of those you like the sound of and feel free to suggest other ideas. Right, I’d better go and get the Events area updated – I hope to chat with you soon.


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Gary is The Professional Development Community Manager

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  • As a student, I would greatly appreciate the phone app and the place to log the CPD currently being done in addition to the course, as you can imagine its been incredibly busy and I have attended many conferences and webinars on a range of COVID and HR subjects that I have written down in my diary (with intention to add to my course CPD and reflection piece) - but somewhere quick I can add to on an app plus learning and use points would be fantastic and likely that I would continue to use after I have completed the programme. ps - congratulations on the role. 

    • This is great input. Much appreciated. Yeah, I think the key will be to make the CPD area as easy to use and reliable as possible - the aim should be that it would be easier and more reliable than good old pen and paper, such as a diary :)

      Extensive testing will be necessary I feel.

      Thanks for the congratulations!


  • Hi Gary, 

    I have a couple of thoughts

    1 With the on line library can we indicate which programme and learning chunk it is relevant for, this assumes any overall redesign still ha learning chunks, but you get the concept.

    2 re career advice, what about taking it further and having an on line job board  that our L5 and L7 graduates and corp clients could use to post HR/L&D jobs in there organisations. They would then know they are targeting quality candidates. We could offer this as a free space, making it a value added activity that only DPG offer? 


    • 1 So yeah, we need a method of making sure that students accessed a set of materials relevant to their programme - rather than feel overwhelmed by access to 10,000 sources - is that the kind of thing you mean?

      2 I like the idea of job boards. The snag is that lots of students are financed by their organisation - so there could be a conflict of interest there. Do you think?


      • That's it. I did think about the conflict of interest but in the end decided that if an employee is going to leave it is often due to lack of progression or challenge at their current organisation and they have made their mind up to go anyway.
        I am not suggesting we operate as an agency and "poach" just have a job board that our community can use as either advertisers and job seekers alike. So in the end saw it as a win-win for employers and candidate, with DPG in the middle just facilitating the employment of CPD qualified candidates. A value add for both parties.

        • Of course.

          I've seen some evidence lately that the most 'successful' people stay in their organisation for around 10 years. Perhaps I could dig out the research and balance the job board against that. Then if someone has made their mind up to leave, as you say, then that's a done deal - and the job board helps - yet we can also provide a balance to give reasons for staying in an organisation. That way we aren't recommending leaving or staying - we are just a space to help people choose.

          Hmmmm. Food for thought.


          • Great. I see this as a fantastic chance for DPG to get ahead of the competition and offering "other" services, low cost to DPG and high value to the client has to be something to consider.  Happy to help in any way if it helps put DPG on top. H

  • I'm so pleased that you like the ideas! Yesterday, I had a great meeting with a Tech representative from the platform on which the PDC sits and all of should be achievable. I'll post as I tick these off the to do list. It'll take me a while so bear with me. Let me know if you have any other ideas.

    What do you think of the page layout right now?

  • Hi Gary,

    all or even some of the above would be great. I have been studying on line recently and the one thing that i enjoy about the delivery of that programme is it is all in one place, video, discussion, documents, progress next actions etc.

    take a look at Future learn for a good example.


  • 100% all of the above, they all sound like fantastic ideas/tools!

This reply was deleted.

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