It was the talk of conferences four or five years ago and then it went quiet.

What happened to curation in learning? Has it been widely adopted or not adopted at all?

These are some of the questions I’ll be exploring in a forthcoming webinar on curation in learning for the Learning and Performance Institute.

To get a better sense of what learning professionals are (and are not) doing with curation,

I have created a short survey, which you can take here.

All answers are anonymised and results will be shared with survey respondents.

It should take less than five minutes to complete. Please take part and share as I’m hoping this survey will shed some light on whether/how/if people are using curation in learning.

Many thanks!

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  • There was a great article a few months ago in People Management about this.  Sorry but did not keep it. It revolved around Rentokill and interviewed their L&D Manager. They also encourage  staff up load their own videos to share across the organisation.   The question then is to police the new content or not?  

  • It'll be really interesting to see the outcome of Martin's research. I'm fascinated by Curation and starting a pilot in my organisation. I do get some quizzical looks when I raise it and, indeed, I'm still yet to see its impact.
    • Are you using this internally with the HR / L&D team or our in the wider business?

      What tool(s) are you using?

      • I'm creating something for the wider business but starting small - around a specific topic related to supporting transition into first-line management roles. It's a theme I've noticed and I think it'll be a good area to try this out. As a starter, I've not a tool as such to use, so will be making something up myself. I'd like to widen its use and move to a more social learning process, using Curatr perhaps. This pilot is about trying to get people on board - it's very new to them and there will be sceptics! 

  • Just completed the survey Mike, best of luck!

    • It's on behalf of Martin Couzins (the king of curation ;)

      Thank you - hope you're well :)

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