Who are the Top Global Business Influencers?

Who are the Top Global Business Influencers?

The incredible rise in social media tools has introduced us to many things such as the most important things....

- Pictures of people's cats > https://twitter.com/picturecats

- Pictures of people's food > https://twitter.com/ThatsFoodPorn

ONLY KIDDING!! However this is still a common misconception of many people who view Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn as just social networks with little or know business application. Maybe less so LInkedIn but given the recent changes to make it feel more like Facebook you'd be forgiven for not seeing the business application straight away.

Social media is only as useful as you make it and if you're happy sharing or looking pictures of cats and food then that's cool. It is all about generating the value that's right for you. However sometimes it's a case of not knowing what you don't know. Huh?

Simply put, many people don't know how useful social media can be to support their  professional development, provide access to knowledge and information or help build their networks. 

To help you we are running 3 sessions this months on using communities and social tools to help you get more value from social media - you can register by clicking the links 

OK so I'm going to make an assumption that you have social accounts and you're interested in connecting and following people who are actually worth following - those people with good ideas, innovative products or presentations. People who are willing to share their thinking so you can develop your own ideas. I remember starting out on Twitter in 2012 and being able to connect with people I had watched on YouTube or had done TED talks or had written blogs on subjects I was interested in. I could filter hashtags and follow threads as well as keep track of the news. Better still I could use my not so smart phone at the time and tools like Tweetdeck to keep everything in one place. The impact on my own thinking and ultimately career aspirations and opportunities was huge and it's why I always cringe when I hear people say they aren't interested in social media.

In a hyper connected and switched on world you might as well say "I'm not interested in my own career and professional development".

So in this hyper connected and switched on world who should I connect with and follow I hear you ask?

Well I came across this post on the Top Global Business Influencers (mainly focused on small / medium business development) and well, it's a good enough place to start. The way in which the measurements / metrics have been done are pretty robust and in a world where a tweet can go viral and be seen my millions those who are influencing others are doing it for a reason. So here are the top 5 

  • Bobby Lane (@sshllp) – A specialist in providing consultancy for growing businesses, assisting with start-ups and helping getting struggling companies back on track
  • Ian Moyse (@imoyse) – Energetic, conscientious & ambitious Sales Leader in the Cloud Software industry. An experienced Keynote & Show stand speaker.
  • Michael Kay (@FinLifeFocus) – A specialist financial life planner and wealth advisor with a twitter following surpassing 32,000
  • Richard Murphy (@RichardJMurphy) – A Tax justice campaigner and Professor of Practice in International Political Economy
  • Alan Bowman (@Alanlsg) – A Finance, Trade and Development Facilitator, Alan can be found on Twitter commenting on relevant issues with his 22,000 followers.

There are a whole range of people worth following from business to politics to product development to marketing - you can choose who to follow and who to avoid. The whole point though is that you can learn from them - for free. 

For the list of the other 95 top influencers click the link below - what have you got to lose


Let me know if you start connecting and learning 


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