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Why Audio Blogging?

Morning All (or afternoon or evening!)

I could do with your help for about 7 and a half minutes ish!...  Grab yourself a tea break!

I've recorded an audio blog on the subject of audio blogging.  It took me three outakes (and a couple of swear words on the cutting room floor).  I'd be interested to hear your views on what I have to say on the subject...

The clip below lasts just over 5 minutes, and I wondered whether afterwards whether you'd spend a couple of minutes commenting below about what you think about what you've heard.  

So grab a drink, feet up, have a listen and let me know your views.

Thanks loads

Here's the link: 

12th Feb 2014 - Ady Howes Why Audio Blogging?


P.S. No pressure, but this may contribute to my final project.  Thanks loads :-)

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Ady Howes - Community Manager, DPG

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  • Hi Alison,

    Thanks for getting back to me.  Pleased you got to hear the last point!  I remember it now.  Personable!!  I'm not why the audio sometimes cuts out on the site.

    I've not yet used audio clips in this way within training, but I'm sure I will do in the future now the penny has dropped!  I did however use an audio interview clip with DPG's very own Mike Collins in a bid to sell an idea into our organisation using external verification in the form of an audio clip.  You can hear the interview just here: http://community.dpgplc.co.uk/forum/topics/live-online-learning

    In the meantime, one of the ways I have used audio is described on this new blog.  Let me know on there what you think: http://community.dpgplc.co.uk/profiles/blogs/what-would-a-hr-news-c...


    Thanks Alison.







  • Hi Ady,


    Having moved from the iPad to the pc I have now heard the whole blog. I had only heard up to the first sentence of point 2 when I replied before. I understand a little more now about how you think audioblogs could be used. I like the idea of using them to share conversations or containing an interview clip. Makes a lot of sense to me. We tried to get our managers involved in a similar way (by reording an interview on short video clip) for use in a new induction training course. Sadly our HR Director decided it wasn't what she wanted, so it never got off the ground, although a few of the managers were up for it.

     Have you ever incorporated audioblogs into your training sessions? I can definitely see their role and feel they would easily work in that context.


  • Hi Ady,

    What a great subject to audio blog about!

    I reckon in the right work environment it could be a really useful tool. ( i have just deleted my explanation of this point in the context of the factory where i work, as it was getting long and boring!)

    I was thinking about whether/how the blogs would be catalogued and stored, so that staff could find the ones they needed or were interested in. Also whether they would need validation, depending upon the information contained. I like the idea of a L&D audioblog - i imagine it as a "blog of the week". But whether anyone else would be interested is another matter!
    The blog could be a precursor to a lunch and learn session Perhaps, providing an intro to the subject and letting staff know who should come.

    What sort of info did you think could go into an audioblog? (Not sure I have fully grasped how the concept could be used.)

    By the way i tried 3 times to listen to your audioblog, and each time it stopped after point 2 and jumped back to the start. Not sure if the problem is with me or with something else.

    I'd really like to hear more about the idea of audioblogs - and especially your 3 rd point!
This reply was deleted.

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