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Value of HR - Case Study

I have permission from the author of this case study to share it with the DPG Community. The study has established a link between culture and organisatonal performance. The study sample size is not huge (and not specifically stated) but appears…

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Are L&D slow to change?

What I love about the L&D industry is the sheer variety, it is a wide and deep field of expertise that can make such a positive impact in the workplace and drive real change. What frustrates me at times is we (L&D) often don’t embrace change very…
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Finger on the pulse?

Getting access to real time and valuable feedback is easy in our personal lives, but what about in our professional worlds? There have been more and more organisations moving away from traditional forms of employee surveys like the annual survey.…
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Leap Off the Fence

If you have ever been as frightened of what might happen if you success as you are of failing you may end up procrastinating on the fence and do nothing at all. Michael Millward offers a free guide to leaping off the fence, getting things done…
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