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Reading the news so you don't have to

I’ve had a good look through the dozens of HR and L&D newsletter emails I get each week and picked out a few bits so that you don’t have to. Coronavirus, remote working and D&I are big news and dominate the list. I’ve picked what I think is useful in

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Making your CPD easier

Here’s a new thing I’m going to try. If I get good feedback from you, I’ll keep it going – let me know 😊

How many newsletters have hit your inbox today? Did you read them all? Do you have time to sift through them all? But what if you miss out on a k

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What do you want?

Hi there

It’s been a big week for me. I started my new role as Professional Development Community Manager – right here in this Community.

I’m happy to be open: I’ve done very little in the Professional Development Community (PDC) this week. Instead,

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Working From Home: HR Survey

If you are an HR Practitioner in your organisation, DPG would love your feedback
DPG is conducting some research into the current attitudes towards working from home and how performance and productivity either improves or declines. As an HR Prac
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Our Friends at the Kojo Academy

Calling L&D professionals who work in organisations with Sales Teams. We are seeking L&D pros who are willing to share their experience in working with Sales teams, either in their current company or past experience. We are researching this relations

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A new Community group to support home workers

Working from home; business as unusual

If you are unfortunate enough to have to deal with COVID-19 first-hand then my thoughts are with you. For the rest of us, social distancing is paramount – which has resulted in many people working from home for

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Reflections on Excellence

A couple of events recently have got me thinking on Excellence – what is it and how do we recognise it

As a starting point John W Gardners states that “Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well”

This was really brought home to me during

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Develop Yourself this Leap Day


So what are you doing with the extra day that you’ve been gifted this month? All of us have an extra day this February – Saturday 29th– because of course, 2020, is a leap year.

You could let those additional 24 hours pass without giving them much t

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Digital Learning Day

What is Digital Learning Day?

Digital Learning Day is all about celebrating the use of digital technology within Learning and Development (L&D) and education.

Technology never stands still; it pushes boundaries and influences the world with each new

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Staying Safe Online


Online Safety
Inititally, the internet was invented for military purposes but became publically available in 1991. Now it has become an integral part of 21st Century life. The internet has made everyday activities such as shopping, banking, paying

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A kind of chrysalis effect seems to me the next logical step of evolution for CSR & L&D & HR - but it has to be a joint metamorphosis. There are plenty of blogs, reports and other news snippets of this very topic that have been fluttering around on t
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Building a Learning Culture

Everybody in learning is talking about the need to build a learning culture. A fair few business leaders and CEOs are talking about it too, which is great, because building a learning culture is not purely an L&D thing. A learning culture has to invo

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