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Bring your dog to work!

I recently came across a great blog by Mina Pampus, from Perkbox.  

Did you know that 'Bring your dog to work day' was established in 2013, and this year the dedicated day is 23rd June?  

8% of workers are permitted to bring their dogs to the office currently, but is this just a fad or a real part of improving our working environments, and the integration of work and home life?  Let's consider some of the pros and cons, and tips for introducing.

So what are the benefits for us workers?

  • Creates an open and friendly environment
  • Having dogs around lowers stress by up to one third
  • Stroking dogs leads to the release of oxytocin which helps social bonding
  • Pets in the work space can contribute to making people become up to 26% more trusting

What are the downsides?

  • Small offices might struggle with space
  • What if everyone wants to bring their dog?  Dog overcrowding/doggy dynamics
  • Potential mess & smells - 'accidents', shedding, slobber and fleas
  • Other workers who are not dog fans/have dog allergies

Mina shares some great advice and information for how to go about bringing dogs in:

'The RSPCA has a thorough 18-point checklist for bringing your dog in, including making sure they aren’t trip hazards and that they are always supervised.

Larger companies, such as Nestle who introduced dogs last year, give dogs a probation, a passport and insist on worm and flea checks – more tests than the average colleague has!

In large companies there are a few hoops to jump through to make dogs welcome in the office – from insurance to installing baby gates and establishing neutral zones for colleagues who want to remain hair free.'

So why not have a chat to your boss and see what the possibilities are - 'Bring your dog to work day 2017’ is around the corner - on the 23 June - it's a charity initiative raising money for All Dogs Matter, who re home London dogs. 

I for one (as a remote, home based worker) have my dog (meet Darcy the English Pointer) at work with me every day, and as a dog lover, if I were office based with my colleagues, I would love the opportunity to bring Darcy to work!

What are your thoughts?  Is this a fad or not?

Are you able to bring your dog to work? (if yes please post a picture!! - simply press the image icon at the top of your reply box and upload your picture)

Would your employer embrace 'Bring your dog to work day 2017?'

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  • I would get nothing done with this little rascal in the office, she's either running around like a loony or sleeping on my lap.

    • Gorgeous! A dog sleeping on your lap whilst working - sounds like a good thing to me!

  • Thanks Rachel and Nikki for your replies!  Rachel I distinctly recall a guy who used to bring his gorgeous Basset Hound when training at Engineer's House in Bristol - that said his dog was very old and calm...  

    Nikki, 5 dogs in the office - they must all get on well for that to work?  The lovely Ratchet looks very comfy in that office chair!  I think its a valid point about allergies, and yes its important there are dog free zones too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Yes, we have dogs in our small office.  We are a rural company based on a redeveloped farm.  Our boss who lives on the farm brings his 4, and the hard working individual in this photos - Ratchet - makes 5 on a daily basis.

    It has worked well for us to date, although we do have one asthmatic who has an office into which the dogs are not allowed.

  • Lovely picture of Darcy - give her a big 'pat' from me (haven't seen both of you for ages). I don't think I could take a dog in to a training room - but could be fun trying. I could borrow Darcy and try it...

  • I'm liking this Kathryn.... who wouldn't have lower stress levels with Rupert about :)

    • Gorgeous Rupert!  He definitely looks like he would reduce my stress levels!  Thanks for sharing Karen.

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