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End of Day Team Building activity

Hi there,

Our L&D team is having a planning day to look at our priorities and actions for the next year. I have been asked to bring together a team of 8 people ( incl Manager and Team Ldr) to get them to consolidate their learning. It will be one hour at most on a Friday afternoon.

So I need to ensure that I make this activity fun and collaborative. I also need to link it back to the learning from the day and consolidate it. I also want the team to reflect on the learnings from the day and how they could work more collaboratively towards achieving the team goals / actions set for the upcoming year.

Limitations : The activity cannot be physical in nature as I am not sure of the abilities within the team. Its an outdoor space. I only have an hour. Its Friday afternoon.

I am leaning towards the All the news activity as I feel that it would be a good way to bring together the shared vision of the team. However I am not sure if I can keep it going for an hour.

I also love the Zoom idea as I think it is a good way to talk about perspective as we have a team members with varying skills and roles in our team ( no two ppl do the same job ).

I am not sure if I should have two activities ( one at the start and the other at the end of the hour) and also not sure how to facilitate the conversation?

I am hoping that this community can help me brainstorm :)

Thank you


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