How to get a HR role?

Any ideas on this? I have applied for nearly 50 roles now with no luck. I can't use social media for personal reasons and always ask for feedback and all I'm getting is you're passionate and really want to be in HR but there's always someone with more experience.

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  • My advice would be to sit down for a couple of hours one evening and invest the time working through the CareerBurst website. It's free for Community members and gives evidenced-based career advice.

    Take a look here:



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    Take a look at the fantastic evidence-based career guidance and CPD tracker then return here to share your thoughts.
    • That was my first port of call. I also got my CV professionally looked at and got another 10 rejections after that. I search newspapers, websites and job apps every day, follow up with phonecards and emails and nothing 

      • This must feel very hard for you Susannah. It's such a difficult time for the job market.

        Are you happy that you are aiming at the correct level of role to match your experience? 

        What was the feedback on your CV? 

        One thing you could try is to contact the recruiter before applying and build a little rapport ideally - that makes your name more memorable when your CV lands. I expect that recruiters receive dozens of CVs right now so my guess would be to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

        • I am applying for entry level HR Assistant roles.

          The feedback from my CV is that either I am over qualified - I have all the basic criteria from a previous role but I was called a Support Administrator so they didn't have to pay me a HR salary or that I don't have any HR role on my CV so someone else does and they pipped me to the post.

          I have contacted all the recruiters as soon as I send my CV to introduce myself and still I am having no luck

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