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How to reward your employees this Christmas

The festive season is fast approaching, the Christmas songs have started, and the shops are filled with decorations, so maybe it’s time to think about how to reward and incentivise your employees over the Christmas period.

Let’s think about why you might want to reward your employees over Christmas, to show appreciation to our appreciated for our staff, who quite frankly devote a huge amount of time to helping our organsations succeed. While the human element to this needs little explanation, if you’re building a business case for holiday rewards, you might need more tangible evidence in favour of their value. 

Of companies that rewarded their employees over the holiday period, it found that almost 50% saw an improvement in staff motivation and productivity levels on returning to work in the New Year. Hitting both objectives – the recognition of employee commitment and secondary boosting of long-term productivity – requires a knowledge of what rewards are worth their investment.

Of these companies that rewarded their employees, not all were monetary rewards. We have put together a list of none monetary incentives and rewards that your company could use to give your employees a little boost:

Wellness programmes

Those mince pies and celebrations tubs won’t work themselves off, why not think about gym memberships, or the odd yoga class, you will have happier, healthier teams, and healthier teams tend to have less days off sick!! It’s a win win!

Work life balance

Over the Christmas period, everyone really recognises how important friends and family are, so why not reward your employees with an extra half day off, or a meal voucher to spend the following year.

Personalise it

One employee’s orange is another employee’s lump of coal – or however the idiom goes. The point is, a reward that’s tailored to an individual’s taste can have greater significance at less cost.

The employee engagement experts at Perkbox have come up with some great ways to reward employees over the festive season –take a look here.

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