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HRIS/Learning Management System

Hi all,

I have been asked to create a communication plan for the rollout of our HRIS and Learning Management System.

Does anyone have a case study that they would be willing to share that demonstrates some of the key ingredients to getting this right? Or could point me in the right direction?

I am keen to connect with other DPG community members who are part of organisations that can give us any support/recommendations.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Channel, 

    Some great links that Mike has shared here. 3 key points I like to exagerate in a communication plan are: 

    1. Training - a plan that shows what training everyone will recieve. 
    2. How does this affect me? - explain how the change is going to affect them as ateam or individual? what is in it for me? etc..
    3. Support - explain what support they will receive, who can they go to if they have any questions? Potentially offer a cosultation to the different teams where they can express any concerns they may have.  

    I know change management communication is a vital part of a system roll out within an organisation and I am hoping the above points combined with the below links give you a good starting point. 


  • Hi Channel 

    It depends on your internal structure and comms channels but sounds like ti needs a strong campaign to sit around this roll out.

    Microsoft share some useful things on this https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/intune/planning-guide-communicatio...

    There are lots of good resources out there and it's finding what will work for you and your organisation, how are people going to use the systems, what value does it bring and how will it help them do their jobs better or create a better working experience.


    You'll get some good ideas from these articles I'm sure as a starting point 

    Let me know how you go 


    Develop a rollout communication plan
    This article helps you develop a rollout communication plan for your Intune deployment.
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