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The answer to all these questions is certainly a Yes! Body language is considered to be an important trait that determines your overall personality. Depending on your body language your students may either find you to be an authoritative or a submissive teacher. Also, practicing a confident and influential body language is the key, which enables you to handle your students with ease. Therefore, just by displaying an appropriate body posture, you can make your students follow your commands without intimidating them. Not only this, there are a number of other benefits which you can achieve, by utilizing an influential body-language in your class. Being a research writer, I conducted an online survey on the impact of body language techniques on teaching, as a part of my research work.  The survey helped me to derive numerous benefits of using appropriate body language while teaching in class. The results of the survey were supported by performing an experiment that lasted for a week. A brief description of the survey has been provided to help you get acquainted with various procedures that were followed to get the outcomes.

A group of 20 teachers was requested to answer a questionnaire which was framed to know their opinions about the use of body language in teaching. Further, it intended to evaluate various problems that they usually face in class, such as gaining attention from students, handling their mischief and making them work. The answers given by the teachers highlighted that there was a lack of effective communication between students and teachers. Thus, the need to inculcate effective body language as a means to foster better communication between teachers and their students came to the surface. In order to help the teachers, understand the concept better, I suggested them to instill 7 techniques to hone teaching skills with powerful body language in 7 days. After a week of practicing these techniques, the reviews of the teachers confirmed the positive impact of using body language in imparting quality teaching.

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