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You would hope that these days, it is possible for leaders to drive results at the same time as building engaged teams. But a recent report by Harvard Business Review indicates there is a large percentage of leaders failing to do both. They examined 360-degree assessment data from more than 60,000 leaders and found that only 13% of leaders are doing well in both areas.

This research also revealed that age played a part in leadership effectiveness with younger leaders often out-performing older colleagues. Leaders under the age of 30 are two to three times likely to be effective at getting results in both priorities. Seniority also plays a part according to the research with supervisors much more likely to excel in both areas than senior executives. The report says, ‘It’s also more likely that people with less power, such as supervisors, feel they have to rely on their people skills if they’re going to get the results they want’.

You can find the full report here.

How does this play out in your organisation? Do you find that results are king and there is less emphasis on excellent in managing people? If the managers of your organisation were managed, which area would they come out strongest in?

In our roles in HR and L&D, how can we support managers to drive higher levels of results AT THE SAME TIME AS building a culture of employee engagement?

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