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New Joiner Survey Ideas


I am involved as part of a large project focusing on recruitment of 100+ IT positions.

This project is very much early days and I think it's important to assess and evaluate how the process is working. I am looking for ideas on the sorts of questions that can be asked to new joiners.

It will focus on 4 areas (but not too exhaustive)

 - Recruitment Process - area candidates satisfied with the experience, i.e. helpfulness and knowledge of the recruiter

 - Assessment Centre - calibre of exercises, interview experience

 - Onboarding - was it a swift process, what went wrong and where?

 - Training - do candidates feel that they were provided with enough information to help them develop in their role?

Finally, I will give them the opportunity to add their own comments.

Does this seem like a good approach?


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  • I really like this approach Hayley.

    I think for a project of this size it's key to be responsive and make changes as you go so build in regular touch points to get the feedback and design in such a way that allows you to make tweaks and changes to improve the experience of the candidate.

    So many projects wait until the end of the project and then look at improvements - when it's too late. It's a continuous improvement mindset that enables you to make changes on the fly and to experiment with different methods and formats. 

    I think Training is a key one - be good to see something in there about relevancy to the role and building capability to do the role competently / support / resources they received / coaching - support on the 'floor' 

    IT may be slightly different depending on level and experience of candidates but some thoughts any way. Will you also measure attrition - how may of the 100 are still there after 1,3,6,12 months. I know IT is notorious for being a bit cut throat ;)

    Hope this helps and good luck 


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