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Hi all


My first post so exciting!

Retracting an applicant due to no communication made after being verbally offered whatsoever. They were due to come into the office with I.D documents, however failed to inform us that they wouldnt be attending. Will not answer the phone and emails.


How would you write the letter?


Thank you,




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  • Hi Amy,


    I agree with Paul. Send a letter just saying if you have no response after failing to meet up with her ID etc that the offer will be withdrawn seven days after the date of the letter. To avoid this scenario I usually have a standard paragraph on my offer letters that states if they do not accept in writing, or fail to produce (whatever your company requires ID/Training etc) within x days of y then the offer is also withdrawn. 

    Good luck, but I think you have been more than reasonable! Its so fustrating when this happens!




  • Sign of the times I'm afraid. Unfortunately, employers only have themselves to blame, and by that, I mean how they treat candidates during the recruitment process. People now expect that they won't be informed of any decisions or get feedback and this has nurtured a culture with candidates that they can do likewise. I would suggest you see if they are on LinkedIn, maybe that will give a clue as to whether they have found alternative employment or even been made a better offer to stay put. The only other explanation could be that they are deceased, in which case keep your letter simple and say if you don't hear from them within 7 days you will be withdrawing the job offer. 

    • Hi Paul


      Thank you for your response.

      Once the candidate accepted, the same day, she ignored every call, email and letter. Frustating for us in HR and the department in need of the role.

      I sent the letter yesterday. A shame for the candidate as it was a good oppourtunity but yes, the sign of the times.


      Have a good weekend :)

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