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I recently came across this article on my HR toolkit by Tim Scott, discussing social media in the workplace.

The article discusses how your employees could be your biggest social advocates – if you encourage them and through allowing them to use social media, they can be.

" When employees are engaged, they will be more likely to share your content or talk about you positively – spreading your brand message and promoting your jobs. "

This post peaked my interest however, when looking at internal communication, and how social media platforms such as Facebook and yammer are used to create collaborative working environments.

Does anyone use these platforms? What has been your experience? And what is your social media policy at work? 

to read the full article, click the link below

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  • Hi Lucy,

    Great post and a good find too. I like this thinking. It's been said before that brands don't tweet, people do. 

    A quick story.... The other day I had the pleasure of going along to our daughter's new school for a welcome evening. It was a very positive experience. One of the things that stood out for me is how much of the 'story' was coming not from the teachers, but from other pupils at the school. The welcome booklets that were given out to the children were produced by the other children at the school. The words, the photos, the content everything. The powerpoint presentation supporting the presentation for the parents was contributed to by the pupils. Even the school's values have been devised by the pupils. I have no doubt  in my mind that this wouldn't have worked so well if the children weren't engaged. They simply wouldn't share positive stories if they weren't so engaged, I'm convinced.

    I'm also certain that there are lessons for us to learn in business from this approach at this school.

    Yes, I totally agree with how sharing stuff works hand in hand with engagement as you've said. Why would you share the news, the product information, the job advertisements etc of a company you weren't engaged with or care about? And it's not just social media. Glassdoor is a great example of how people share the good....and the bad.....and the ugly!

    This is spot on Lucy. Social media and employee engagement are the perfect partnership.

    What does everyone else think?

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