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The Best Advice for Remote Workers

'Remote work is here and it's revolutionising the way we work' according to Trello who recently released a great guide on the 'Best Advice for Remote Teams Success'.

I wanted to share this with you, but deciding where to post this was a tough choice. There's a 'digital' element when you consider remote working and the tools that are invovled in keeping workers connected wherever they are located. It made sense on this count, to post it in the digital skills group. But then there's the way remote sits in with L&D. How do people keep learning wherever they are. Then there's the role that HR play in helping the culture of an organisation marry up with the change that remote teams bring about.

I've posted this in Employee Engagement but I can imagine it equally applys to the other zones here on the DPG Community.

For the past three years, I've been in a dedicated remote working position here at DPG. Whilst I do spend time at the office or out at events, the majority of my work is done from home. It's not dis-similar to my previous position. Where home-working was much less frequent, there was a large amount of time spent travelling up and down the country, meaning that I was remote from my office-based colleagues.

From what I've seen, there is a definite shift in working, collaborating, communicating and the whole culture and mind-set that sits around this. The guide from Trello is a good one which covers a lot of ground.

I'm interested in how remote working works at your organiation.

  • Do you have remote workers?
  • How has having a remote team changed things in your organisation?
  • What's the mind-set that's needed to make sure a remote team works at it's best?

I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this. You can download the guide from Trello just here

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  • Over on Facebook, Richy has been sharing more tips on remote working. You'll find them just here...


    Working remotely can be lonely, and work and life merge into a gelatinous blob. So, I'm sharing some tips that’ll...

    Posted by DPG plc on Wednesday, September 5, 2018
  • My organisation has started to partially move over to agile working but the process has been clunky at best.<br/>
    I found this article really useful and have shared with my team as we are to become more agile in the new year.<br/>
    At the moment it is frustrating with those who although are agile workers calling meetings at their hubs instead of utilising meeting areas which are accessible easily for those who are not yet agile. Therefore loosing time travelling and not being able to be productive.<br/>
    As a team we are looking forward to making this work for the organisation.<br/>
    Thanks for sharing the article
  • Hello!

    A great resource - thank you. And very timely. We have been moving, as an organisation to an agile way of working with no fixed offices, and the ability to work from anywhere with hubs to enable printing, confidential waste disposal etc. My team have spent a while designing training for the pilot group and their managers. It is a huge transition for our business, and an exciting time which offers staff much more flexibility and freedom. In fact, I welcome two new trainers to my team today - they're our first recruits who are employed as agile workers from the outset, so it will be a learning curve for me too.

    • Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for sharing your story and pleased you found this resource useful. I'm interested to hear how all this pans out. It must be a huge change for you all, but one that should bring about some good stuff no doubt. Keep in touch with how it all goes. I'll add you as a connection on here too Victoria.

      Thanks again,


  • Thanks Ady,

    A very useful share, I have just sent this to some HR colleagues in the care industry who have many remote workers and I am sure it will help them manage that invisible connection, which can be challenged when workers are 'out there'  

    Thank you


    • Thanks Louise. That's great. I hope this helps them.

      I've also been taking part in a weekly chat on Twitter focussing on remote working. It's run on on Wednesday at 1pm Eastern Time which is 6pm here in the UK. It's well worth tapping into the advice and experience of other remote workers across different industries.

      You can find more details on Twitter by following Working Remotely and you can see the latest on the chats by searching on Twitter for #remotechat

      It'll be great to see a UK representation of remote workers building on there. Please do share. I'd be interested in finding out more about their challenges and journey's with remote working.

      Thanks Louise,


  • Thanks for sharing Ady - very timely :)

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