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Which ice lolly are you?

We’re hot, we’re bothered and we need a way too cool down!!

This week’s hot weather is really taking its toll on us office workers, the air con is just not cool enough and we are longing to be outside catching a tan.

One way we have survived this week is by bringing a little bit of summer into the office and having a lovely mid-afternoon ice lolly at our desks!!

Our office freezer has been filled with twisters, fabs, feats and the classic Mr freeze ice pops and they have really put a smile on our faces!!

With ice lollies on the mind, we have created this mini quiz so you can see which ice lolly you are!!

Let us know what you get in the comments below. 

What other ways have you brought summer into your office this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • I've broken the pattern and got magnum! In our office it's a constant battle with the air con as some are too cold when it's on but as soon as it's switched off it's way too hot! A desk fan has helped!!

  • I'm a fab :) I used to love these as a kid! 
    We bought a fan, lots of summer dresses and our buildings got so hot that we were sent home three days in a row!

  • I am  a Fab ))) 

  • ooh I'm another fab!

  • I'm a Fab :) 

    Hot weather made me drink plenty of cold drinks in the office and have fan on a lot and now I have sore throat :( - but it Doesn't stop me from having an ice cream :D 

  • I'm a Fab :) 

  • I'm a fab. This is the best news ever. Always first choice at the van!
  • I'm a Fab (of course)

  • Seemingly I"m a magnum....

    and bringing Summer to the office has involved a LOT of drinking cold drinks & working in my shorts x

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