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Why 'Always on Employee Surveys?'

Nowadays, organisations seem to work harder than ever to gather feedback from external customers in a bid to continually improve their products and services and remain competitive. There are a wider variety of methods and incentives used to drive up the quantity and quality of data received from consumers than ever before. It’s a necessary step in the fast-paced world in which we live.

But is the same increased effort put into gathering feedback from employees? Although many organisations gather feedback from their teams, this tends to be managed largely using annual employee surveys. The twelve-month gap, let alone the amount of additional time taken in analysing the data, creates a void of silence. How many missed opportunities to gather ideas and opinions in this timeframe are being missed? In an era when people want a more flexible, agile approach to work, this annual approach does not allow an employer to have a real-time view or to take real-time action.

In a new partnership, DPG have teamed up with Hive HR to help you understand better ways of gathering feedback from your employees and drive employee engagement using an ‘always-on’ approach. We’ll be bringing you fresh content, articles, videos and events to help you discover how your organisation can modernise approaches to gathering employee feedback. There’s also a free webinar ‘Everything you need to know about ‘Always on Employee Engagement’.

Keep your eye on the DPG Community Engagement Zone over the coming weeks. In the meantime, the infographic below gives you a snapshot of how ‘always-on’ engagement compares to the dated annual survey approach.


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