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CPD Podcast

Hi all

This is a really useful podcast on CPD with some quite novel takes on the forms that CPD can take e.g. book clubs and the new and innovative ways companies such as Caterpillar are approaching CPD.

Worth a listen, and it could perhaps help you with your CPD record, which from experience can come as a surprise at the end of the course if you have not been regularly updating it.




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  • Hi Sarah

    Very interesting and has given me some good ideas for developing my CPD - I really like the idea of the lunch and learn and are going to suggest this to my colleagues.



  • Hi all

    Following a webinar earlier today I said I would respost this link so those embarking on their CPD Plan and Record can gain some inspiration!

    All the best


  • Really a very nice and encouraging podcast. It's helpful in order to think about different ideas for the CPD record. I really loved the idea of book clubs. It sounds really new and interesting. I look forward to join something like this, I think it shall be very helpful.
    • Hi Suprita

      Glad you found it useful! Maybe we can have a Birmingham Level 5 book club :-)

      All the best

  • Fascinating podcast with ideas that may seem innovative to some, however I am pleased to say that the organisation I work for have taken the Caterpillar view that development of their people is the ultimate in leadership and retention of their experienced members of staff. It is pleasing to hear that more and more companies are beginning to think this way.I loved the idea of the eat and learn lunches. We are running a "People Week" soon and I will definitely make this suggestion, maybe not about bee keeping, but possibly around hobbies and crafts that our people could bring to the table alongside the job learnings that we all are required to do. Great to hear such experienced people in their respective CPD, CIPD and HR fields having a chat and in so doing, bringing some good ideas to their listeners.

    • Glad you found it useful Deb the L&D team at DPG put it together so I am pleased you are thinking of implementing some of the ideas.


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