Hi guys,

As you all may already know, this week is National Apprenticeship Week and I'm joining in!

To kick-start the week, every day I'll be posting steps to becoming the best apprentice you can be.

You can pass this advice on to any apprentices you have in your organisation because we all want the young people to do their best - after all, we are the future leaders...

So here's my first step...

I also want to hear what you have to say - do you have any advice for the young people entering the big wide working world?

Stay tuned for the next step tomorrow! :-)

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  • I agree with jill's tip about being curious.

    Being an apprentice is a great time to ask anybody anything, because it is your time to learn as much as you can. People love sharing their knowledge and their experiences and most will be flattered to be asked about things they know about. You can start with the easy questions and gradually move on from there.

    Your slides and your ideas for NAW demonstrate that you are practicing what you preach ( getting involved and being creative) which is brill. Keep up the good work!
  • Hi Deb

    Totally agree that being creative is a great attritbute.

    Some advice from me (picked up by working with apprentices in our company and from the HR Map and just general life experience) is to be curious.  Ask lots and lots of questions! Don't be afraid to ask if you don't know something or want to know more about it, the more information you have the more you begin to understand and develop your own thoughts & opinions.  If there's something you've been told or heard about then go away & find more about it. 


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