#LDInsight Twitter Chats - Every Friday at 8am

L&D Connect is a community of practice for L&D practitioners and others in HR and organisational development. As well as face to face events, such as the 'Un-conference' that they are running in February, every Friday at 8am, they run a Twitter chat. At the start of the event, LnD Connect post a question. Professionals then dive in to discuss, share ideas, opinions and resources on that question.

It's easy to find the discussion as those involved include the hashtag #LDInsight with their tweets. You can search for this on Twitter during the event which runs for an hour every Friday or if you miss the time slot, you can catch up with the tweets by searching afterwards.

If you're not yet using Twitter, perhaps this is a great way to get started. You don't need a Twitter account to view the Tweets and can search using this link: https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=news&q=%23ldinsight.

When you're ready to join in the conversation and to reply, signing up for Twitter is free and easy. You'll be in safe hands.

It's a great way of networking and developing yourself and well worth adding on to your CPD activities. #LOVECPD

Here's some of the questions that were discussed last year during 2016:

What new thing are you going to learn about this year to enhance your L+D practice?
What do you take for granted as a practitioner?
What digital solutions do you use to support learning (and how)?
How do you ensure your credibility & relevence to learners/clients?
As an L&D professional, how do you keep yourself open to new ideas & approaches?
Big impact, no budget. Discuss.
What contribution can we make in L&D/OD make to raising productivity in the UK?
How can we facilitate learning where it's feared/supressed by people in power?
Whichtheories or models do you use and why?
How do you balance the need to be a knowledge expert with facilitating access to knowledge?
How does one find a voice on social media?
What questions do you have about performance consultancy?
How do you use technology to help you deliver L&D solutions?
What have you learned from taking part in #ldinsight?
How do you give your clients what they need?
What relevance does 70:20:10 have for you in the work you do?
What would you change about your work or about L&D in general?
How can L&D support other HR functions eg recruitment, talent management, ER?
As an L&D/OD professional how have you challenged poor behaviour?
How much impact do facilitators' words, metaphors and terminology have?
How do you respond when something goes wrong?
Does how you learn change with the seasons?
What can L&D do to increase people's enjoyment of work?
L&D is in danger of disappearing up its own bum. Discuss.
What's the toughest thing about being in L&D?
What do talent management & development mean to you?
How do we devise great questions for learning?
What is your experience of working with people with disabilities in relation to learnng?
What does innovation in L&D look like?
What practical examples of digital learning solutions have you designed?
How can L&D and OD contribute to improving organisational productivity?
When had a learning solution just not worked for you?
How much information do we need to know in advance about our learners?
L+D and OD, whats the difference? and does it matter?
How can we make L&D more accessible to those who want them?
What learning solutions have you created during times of little or zero budget?
In your experience what makes a difference in enabling learning to be translated into performance?
What L&D challenge are you currently working on?
If your client could ask this group any question, what would they ask?
What experiment would you like to try in your L&D/OD work?
When does influencing behaviour become manipulation?
What are the characteristics of an effective professional network?
What piece of work have you learnt most from this year?
What is your learning question?

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