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Mentor Opportunities

Hi everyone,

One of the things that we have chatted about over at DPG HQ is what a fantastic thing it is to have and be a mentor.

We recommend that all our students find a mentor and have some support throughout their programmes. This isn't just to provide help and advice about the qualification but it also provides an opportunity to discuss all things HR / L&D with someone who is more experienced and someone who can share ideas and thoughts on a range of topics. It's hard to find a great mentor but we believe we have so much potential in this community.

Having a mentor is a great support and so helpful but being a mentor is a deeply rewarding and worthwhile experience and it is also something great to have on your CV.

You can read more about working with a mentor in this great blog post from Joss Anderson


Is mentoring something that you've done and would like to do again?

Are you looking for an opportunity to become a mentor?

Are you looking for a mentor?

The DPG team are keen to help and encourage those who want to get more from either having a mentor or becoming a mentor. We can use the DPG Community as a support network and if anyone is interested in getting involved as a mentor we're love to hear from you.

We see this being a something that will develop over time and be of real value to those who get involved. First things first though is anyone interested in this now or in the future?

Look foward to hearing from you.


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  • I would Love a mentor


  • I would love a mentor as just started my first course and feel that having someone to support me would be great. How do I go about finding one?

  • Hi Mike,

    I'm a little late responding to this discussion however I would be interested in finding a mentor.



  • Hi everyone, apologies for the delay. I'll be contacting you all over the next few days to get this initiative finally going :-)

  • Hi Mike,

    Happy new year.

    This would certaintly be something that would help with my program!

    Has this been offically set up yet?
    Many thanks
    • Hi Beth,

      Not too late to get involved not not at all

      Join the group we've got set up DPG Mentoring Group

      We've got some resources in there that will help and towards the end of the month and in to February we're going to look at connecting people in a mentor/ee capacity


  • HI Mike and all.  Nice to see mentoring on the community as a hot topic.

    I was giving consideration to this just a few weeks back.  I would certainly love the chance to offer myself as a mentor in the future.  Right now though (well probably in the next two to three months) I could do with being mentored first!

    I'll join the new group on the community.



  • Hi everyone and happy new year!

    We're hoping to get off the best start possible in 2014 and we've now launched the DPG Mentoring Group

    We'd love you to join this group and have pulled together a host of resources about mentoring for you to take a closer look at to help you with your mentoring journey either as a Mentor, a Mentoree or both!

    Just click the link http://community.dpgplc.co.uk/group/dpg-mentoring-group and join the group and you can access the resources and we'll get some conversation going before looking at what your expectations are and how DPG can help people connect to support one another.

    See you in the group soon


  • Hi,


    I am interested in finding a mentor with more HR dept management experience. I have worked in L&D  roles for just over 10 yrs and am keen to learn more about broader HR. I however could also offer my support to anyone new to L&D/Training





    • HI Joanna - thanks for this and it will be great to have you on board.

      We've just set the group up now so please join and get involved and we'll look to find the right people to connect throughout this month


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