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Webinar - 10 Tips to Run Webinars like a Pro

Our friends at Learning Pool have organised a free session delivered by webinar experts Donald Clark and Ian Usher, Adobe Education Leader, share their secrets on how they have successfully used webinars to communicate with audiences spread across multiple locations.

What will you learn?

1. How to master the entire webinar process from start to finish
2. Essential preparation tips for a successful webinar
3. The ingredients you need to create a memorable online experience for attendees

How do you register?

Title: '10 tips on how to run your webinar like a pro'
Date/Time: 11am, Tuesday 1st December

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Limited places 

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We hope you can join them in this session


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  • Here is the recording of the webinar for anyone interested 

  • I found the session really useful and engaging. Hot off the press here are some tips that I picked up!:-

    • Be prepared both technically and in terms of your material. In some situations it may be good to rehearse and always check that everything is working beforehand.
    • Even having done the above, still expect the 'unexpected' especially where technology is concerned! Being prepared and having backup plans will help you remain calm in the event that something doesn't work as planned.
    • Create a checklist of things to run through in the 15 minutes before it starts.
    • Be aware of your own background noise such as typing, phones, interruptions etc and keep them to a minimum, technology can help with this but this might be more your area than mine Mike :-)
    • Ensure you have the right presentation up on your screen!
    • Use ‘hands up’ to check if everyone can hear you at the beginning
    • Ideally have someone else to support you in case something goes wrong at your end or numbers are large. Roles include having a moderator who can answer chat questions etc to technical support, or of course a mix! :-).
    • Watch out for any verbal habits you may have e.g. ummmms! This will be more apparent during a webinar than face-to-face.
    • Be yourself and speak to people as you normally would. ‘See, hear, engage’.
    • Grab people’s attention quickly and keep them engaged. There may be a temptation for participants to multi-task with technology! Polls work well to encourage interaction, as does chat, especially if someone is helping with the webinar.
    • Have webcams in an appropriate place so you appear to be ‘looking’ at participants, so you can see yourself at eye level. Not sure how easy this is in practice.  Be aware that people can see you at all times!
    • Put a photo up of you on the screen for people to look at if you are not using a webcam.
    • Consider pausing the webcam or moving the video from the screen while you are giving demonstrations or where people need to focus on something else.
    • Be aware that webinars often overrun in terms of time.
    • Ensure you unmute yourself when you are speaking and that others are muted when you want them to be. This is where a moderator can be really helpful in letting you know if people can’t hear you!
    • Above all, remain calm and relaxed! This will help your learners engage with you.

    Hope that helps, I will certainly be using a few of these tips! :-)

    Thanks, Helen

  • Great, thanks, I'm in! :-) Helen

    • Fab - we'd love to hear about the tips that you pick up Helen :)

      • Helen

        Thanks for the tips they will be very useful

This reply was deleted.

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