What's your Twitter name?

We actively encourage all community members to create a Twitter account to support professional development and networking with other L&D and HR pros in the UK.

There is an active and growing online community for you to connect with, share and learn from and even make some great new friends through.

I manage the @DPGplc twitter account and always share things relating to L&D, HR and Leadership and pretty much anything of interest. You should be able to see the DPG Twitter feed on the right hand side of the community home page. I've seen a few new twitterers recently which is great and I add all community members to a twitter list which might be useful for you as well.

The better connected and more people you have in your network the better and this is about building a personal learning network PLN (great article here on why a PLN is important). Twitter isn't about what you had for breakfast it's a global network of information where you can follow the best minds and leaders across the world, and of course it's FREE!!!!

If you haven't checked Twitter out yet or created an account then here is a fantastic visual guide on creating an account. Setting up a Twitter account

If you have already got an account then please post up your Twitter name below so others can connect with you and you can be added to the exclusive list of #DPGCommunityMembers

Connect with @DPGplc and @Community_Mike & @Little_Figs (DPG's Community Managers)

If you need any help of support is created an account then let me know and I'll be looking to host a webinar soon on getting the most from Twitter as a professional development tool.

So what's your Twitter name?

Post it in comments below and let's connect.


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  • Hi, I am now following DPG & Mike, my twitter name is:


  • hi,

    I am @lesleycooley. Have been making my way down the list and following you, looking forward to some interesting discussions.


  • Good Afternoon,

    My Twitter name is @SpruceNatalie
  • Hi Mike - I have just followed you - my twitter ID is @matthewsjstorey - look forward to your tweets!

  • Hi I'm @davidcklaasen and looking forward to sharing  . . .

  • Follow me @Little_Figs - come on this great journey with me! :-)

  • What a great discussion, only just seen this.  I'll be checking some of you out on Twitter tweeps!

    Thanks loads


    • I am ajs@zz1ajs

      I have to say i find twitter somewhat dull, but i guess i just haven't found the exciting tweets on there and i don't know how to find them. I don't really understand how to use it properly.

      I haven't been on twitter very long, so I will continue to look and see what happens. If anyone feels like enlightening me, then feel free!

      • HI Alison.  I couldn't find you on Twitter.  What's your Twitter name again?




        • my twitter name is ajs@zz1ajs

          I have an abstract avatar, so it's difficult to recognise me there. I will probably change it to something a little more L&D focussed when I get a minute, now that I am using it primarily for L&D purposes :)

This reply was deleted.

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