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  • Jan 22, 2021 from 12:00pm to 12:30pm
  • Location: Online - gototraining
  • Categories: Upcoming
  • Latest Activity: Feb 10

Hi Everyone. I ran this webinar 3 months ago. We've had lots of people join DPG programmes and progress to different stages in their programmes since then so I figured that I should repeat this session. Maybe you weren't in the Community last time I ran it, maybe it's more relevant to you now than it was then or maybe you attended last time and you want a refresher. If any of those situations ring true, or indeed you have another reason for attending, then you are invited! 

I'm planning to keep it to 30 minutes this time. We'll go for a punchy quick pace to make an impact - and leave you more time for your lunch plans (more importantly).

Here's the explanation I wrote in the build-up to the first time I ran this session:

We've had a few requests in the Community where people would like to know how to build reference lists and bibliographies manually. This could be something that you are interested in if you haven't got access to the tool in Microsoft WORD that does this automatically for you or if you just want to learn how to do it.

Bring along some sources, maybe a book or website, and we'll work through some examples on screen.

This won't be a polished PowerPoint driven session - for the most part, it will be me sharing a blank document on screen and working through examples live and off the cuff - it'll be like live TV (warts and all)!

Anyone from any programme (and even if you aren't studying a DPG unit) is welcome. I'll see you then.

Gary Norris

Registration URL:
Training ID: 697-044-076

Wait, let me finish this with an unnecessary gif:



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  • If you have a source that you like to understand how to reference, respond to this thread and I'll see if we can use your source as a live example in the webinar.

  • To Charlene Michelson , this is the event I mentioned in your study group 😊

  • It's great to see that this session is already getting plenty of interest. 

    I will record the session and post a link to the recording in this thread after the event.

    Keep in mind that we'll be manually referencing in the webinar. If you have access to MS WORD and would like to use that to take the manual work out of referencing, take a look at these two short videos:




    • Hi Gary,

      I've used word to generate my reference list and bibiolgraphy for CHR but having closed the document and reopened it there isn't an option to update the citations and bibliography as there was before.

      If I insert a new bibliography it only adds the new ones I've added since reopening and doesn't recognise the existing references throught ny assignment. I can't even hover over the references to edit them from before I closed the document so the references that are anon, n.d are now 'lost'.


      Hope that makes sense but any ideas of how I can fix this?!



      • Hi Lucy

        My initial thought would be to check that WORD hasn't altered the style of referencing to something other than Harvard in this box:


        I'm sure that we've all had those days where WORD alters something for us trying to be 'helpful' and achieves the exact opposite! 😉

        If that doesn't help you, can you post/send some screenshots of what is happening?

        • Hey!

          Thanks for this suggestion, it still says harvard 😩 I'm not at my laptop at the moment but will add in some screenshots this evening and see if you can shed any light!

          Thanks again

          • 8477082291?profile=RESIZE_930x8477083484?profile=RESIZE_930x8477084259?profile=RESIZE_930x



            Hi Gary,

            So yeah still says harvard.

            So the anon,nd and cipd, 2020 were both referenced automatically when I did my first edit.

            Then when I reopened it to continue none of those have the option to highlight reference options (like the Mintzberg one) therefore there's no option to click 'update citation list and bibliography' to automatically link the sources to the reference and bibliography lists if that makes sense.

            Now, it seems the data for the first ones are lost so I have absolutely no idea of the links etc to go back through and re-reference the anon ones. I could probably discover links again for the references that display an author but impossible for the anon ones.

            I don't know what to do next! Please help!


            • Hmm. Difficult for me to grasp what is happening - but I won't give up easily! 😊

              So the Mintzberg one is ok and it is the anon ones you did earlier in the document that have vanished, right?

              Try flicking the Style drop-down back to APA and then click on the Bibliography drop down just beneath it (as on your second image). Let's see if that brings back your list.

              Can you recall anything about the anon references that would help me find them for you? 

              • It's everything from the forst edit I did not just the anon ones. CIPD is missing too (from my above examples) but they're all gone like the first edit doesn't connect to the automatic citations anymore and doesn't update type of thing. Very strange! 

                I've done so much additional reading of articles and studies etc I literally have no idea which ones I went with in the end for the anon references 🤦🏻‍♀️

                Will try switching as you suggest but might have to rewrite all these bits and refind references. Might leave the referencing until the end this time though just before submitting so they can't disappear anywhere! 


                • Oh, that's such a shame! I've never known this to happen before and can't think of a way to fix it this time around. All I can think of is to check your saved documents in WORD in the hope that a previous version has been saved.

                  Yeah, for future maybe keep a list of URLs somewhere until you trust WORD again! I guess this is one of the dangers of using anons - that they are hard to find. This will be one of the reasons they aren't ideal to use as the assessor can struggle to find the sources too.

                  To help you though, if you have sources and can't find an author, let me know and I'll see if I can help to track down the author - or maybe someone in the community could jump on the thread and help if they recognise a source.


This reply was deleted.

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