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  • Feb 19, 2021 from 12:00pm to 12:30pm
  • Location: Online - gototraining
  • Categories: Upcoming
  • Latest Activity: Feb 19

Hi Everyone. I ran this webinar 3 months ago. We've had lots of people join DPG programmes and progress to different stages in their programmes since then so I figured that I should repeat this session. Maybe you weren't in the Community last time I ran it, maybe it's more relevant to you now than it was then or maybe you attended last time and you want a refresher. If any of those situations ring true, or indeed you have another reason for attending, then you are invited! 

I'm planning to keep it to 30 minutes this time. We'll go for a punchy quick pace to make an impact - and leave you more time for your lunch plans (more importantly).

Here's the explanation I wrote in the build-up to the first time I ran this session:

In this webinar, I'll put on screen a perfectly good passage of text and then we'll work through some tips on reducing the word count using some strategies that I want to give to you. Like a text-disappearing magic trick -It's Friday the 13th so what could possibly go wrong?

It would be even better if you could send me a paragraph or two or your work if you don't mind me displaying it on screen and attempting to use the aforementioned strategies on your work! First come first served as I'll have limited time as you can imagine. Message me, Gary Norris, to share your work or ask questions.

Everyone is welcome regardless of which programme you are on and where you are up to.

Registration URL:
Training ID: 338-330-140

 It'll be like a magic trick!


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  • Hi 

    Here is the recording of the session:

  • I'll put the recording in the thread here after the session. If you click 'Follow' you'll get an alert each time something is added to the thread.


  • If you have a paragraph or two of which you need to reduce the word count, send it to me before the session and I'll take a look at it to see if I can reduce the word count live in the webinar.

    Only do this is you are happy for me to show your work. I can withhold naming names if you would rather.

  • To Tracy Moore , this is the session that I mentioned to you in your study group 😊

This reply was deleted.

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