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Sep 14, 2017

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Thursday, September 14, 2017 (1)

CIPD Branch Events

Did you know your local CIPD branch will put on relevant events that are free to CIPD members.

Take a look for your local branch here and what events are happening. Remember attending these events are great CPD evidence.

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14 hours ago
Gail Power replied to Lisa Popplewell's discussion Apprenticeships
"Most secondary schools will have someone appointed to provide careers guidance, who sets up events for pupils looking into post 16/18 careers and opportunities and how to access these.They would be  good to contact and find out what's planned and ma…"
15 hours ago
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15 hours ago
Leanne Day replied to andrew agboola's discussion Implementing Bradford Factor
"Hi Andrew
We used the Bradford factor at a previous company I worked for. I found it to be a useful way of measuring absence, however the downside was that some employees ended up with a lower score if they tried to come back to work too soon then e…"
15 hours ago
Leanne Day replied to Justine Watkins-Smith's discussion Exit Interviews
"Hi Justine
Here are my comments:
*I carry out most interviews over the phone as we dont just have employees in the UK, or based at one site, so is not possible to do face to face. I will however always do face to face if they are based in the office…"
16 hours ago
Ady Howes replied to Kate Whitehead's discussion Continuous Feedback
"Hi Kate. I think the idea of continous feedback is well worth exploring with or without an appraisal process. A while back, helping new Team Leaders get up to speed on appraisals, my advice was always that an appraisal should just really formalise s…"
18 hours ago
Ady Howes replied to Kay Baldwin's discussion Reward and Recognition Programme
"Great share Sarah. I hadn't heard about this with E.ON. I really like that idea."
18 hours ago
Ady Howes replied to Mike Collins's discussion Learning Technologies : What Managers Really Think?
"As always, loving your work Mike. A great curation and a useful summary of what this session was all about. Definitely downloading the full report"
19 hours ago
Mike Collins posted a discussion
Our friends at Good Practice have released their latest research paper in conjunction with ComRes.
This follows their previous research on The Secret Lives of UK Managers and Google IT : The Secret Online Life of UK Managers
Their latest instalment…
19 hours ago
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Kathryn Miller replied to Becky Black's discussion Time spent on e-learning
"I'm with you here Ady - and its different for everyone too.  One person may be able to take on x amount of learning from say an hour of online learning, whereas it may take another person 2 hours to achieve the same. 
Back to basics though - my ques…"
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