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If we build a Community app, what would you use the app for e.g. interacting in forums - as opposed to what you would use the desktop version for?

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  • What a fab idea! I agree with all the great comments made...in fact before finding this thread I had been thinking how helpful it would be to have an app! Especially for ‘in the moment’ comms with my group and facilitator. Companies I have worked with in the past are very much thinking ‘mobile first’ when it comes to learning and collaboration. I must admit something that brought together the social learning element of the community with the formal side from willow pathway I personally would find really useful.
  • working in the telecomms industry we have seen a huge increase in connected products like tablets and larger screen phones i rarely use my desktop/laptop so makes sense to have an app - i sometimes feel the site is clunky and not as easy to navigate so an app would be a better solution
  • I live on my phone and iPad and don’t use a desktop so an app would be great! I’ve found some of the site hard to navigate and sometimes it takes me a while to find what I want quickly. I wouldn’t necessarily want an app for learning but more for communication. Notifications through the app would be great too, for webinars to alert us when one is taking place so we can hop on if we can at short notice.
    I haven’t spoken in the community much yet, as there’s nothing reminding me it’s there or alerting me of any new topics of discussion. Having an app would help this and let me know what’s up for discussion. I noticed tonight (the second time I have managed to get on since August due to huge work demands) there are lots of people feeling exactly like me regards the first assignment and I’ve found their threads really insightful and helpful.
    Hope this helps and we can help you deliver an app for us all!
  • Thanks for the tips Gary :) I think food should be incorporated into everything we do :)
  • This is all very helpful!

    Christina, I definitely think an app with notifications on messages would work for you - so thanks for the comment. In the meantime, if you click on the link in the email alert, it should take you directly to the web optimised mobile version of the Community - which should let you read and interact with forums (he's says confidentally whilst pressing buttons to check that works!).

    Samina, the idea of complementing - rather than replacing - is interesting! so the app wouldn't need 'full' functionality? This is noteworthy as this we could have an app with reduced functionality which would make it less cluttered and reduce development time. In the meantime, yesterday I made some tweaks that might interest you: from the mobile version, click the blue 'hamburger' menu icon (which is easier to see if your phone is held horizontally) and then you'll see an option 'Your elearning', click that and you'll be taken to a screen where you can link to and view our Learning Management Systems.
    Lore, I can look into a live chat function.
  • I agree with the comments before (especially when on the go), it would complement my work, but unlikely to replace the functionality for me. I'd browse and be aware of activity in the community groups, but would still need to type from my laptop if I was to reply in detail, add links and signpost to relevant areas.
    It would be great to be able to browse the e-lessons, so that I can easily view certain areas of e-learning. Overall an app would be great for connectivity and social learning.
  • I agree with Lore, sometimes I see people's questions from the community groups pop up on my email but I have to log into the site to respond to them. If I'm on the go and not able to log onto my laptop to respond straight away then the momentum is lost. Whereas if there was a chat function or something similar through an app on your phone, you can easily respond there and then.
  • Would be nice to have a function that made it easier to communicate with a facilitator, waiting 3 days for an answer when you're stuck in the middle of an assignment feels like a lifetime. A chat function or something like that would be good.
  • Huge thank you for the comments so far. I won't tell you what I was thinking so that I don't unintentionally steer the comments.
  • Definitely use for the forums and also the up to date group topics, articles and news
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