Hi folks

Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) are an emergent phenomenon and there is so much we still don’t know about their function and their relationship with employee voice. Im looking to chat with other Yammer users about this please. 

If you havent heard of Yammer (where have you been? lol) heres a great overview http://www.allthingsic.com/yammertime/ . It seemed (reassuringly) to be a popular buzz word at the CIPD conference over the past couple of days.

After using Yammer for a couple of years now, I feel its time to re-energise and re-engage to better understand how this platform can be used as a strategic HR tool to enable multi directional employee voice. I'd like to explore the practical benefits/application of these findings to be able to maximise impact and capabilities for the 'new world'.  

There's a great ESN framework/model here I quite like which could categorise conversations into areas which might help guide/target data on content generation SOCIAL MODEL.JPG

  • Socialising
  • Organising
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Information sharing
  • Awareness creation
  • Learning and linkage

So....any thoughts....experiences? 

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  • Hi Jason

    Thanks for sharing I have heard of Yammer but have no idea what it is and how it is used.  I know some of the students have been talking about this in the workshops though.

    Thanks for the info I will take a look at the link.

    All the best


  • I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences thus far in using Yammer - have you had success in the two years you've been using it? In what way has it worked and in what ways are you looking to improve it?

    There are loads of great examples of Yammer (ESN's) being used in a positive way with some great articles out there on do's and don'ts 


    One of the questions that come up time and time again is who 'owns' the ESN's....is it a operations tool, a marketing tool, IT, learning & development, internal communications etc .....it's this ownership 'issue' that can cause so many barriers as it's not clear who is responsible for what and who can use it for what - in the end no-one uses it or it gets used very badly.

    For these tools to be a success you have to start with a purpose....so I understand the need for it to be used as a strategic HR tool but if you forgive my bluntness this sounds a bit pap. HR speak. What does that MEAN for the employee when you say  multi-directional employee voice....how does this look in reality and what will it involve. What business problem is it going to solve and how is it going to improve things?

    Start with a purpose...it can be a small purpose to begin with but it needs purpose...this needs to be clear and straightforward and it needs to be a collaborative effort with relevant parties involved and supportive.

    What are the sorts of things you had in mind Jason - what's your purpose?

    • Our purpose when we randomly just 'switched on' Yammer two years back was about two words Mike, which are not even HR related (but of course my HR undertone here helps give you a greater depth to what Im looking for...I agree, sometimes we can over analyse stuff).

      Are you ready?

      Here you go....

      Are you sure you are ready though....?


      OK. Brace yourself. How do we create....

      "One love".

      (I could have said "42", but I suspect only people of a certain age might know what that means...chip in if you are as old as me...).

      • Ahhh the good old meaning of life. I'd have loved to see the internal comms strategy around 'one love'.
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