I wonder if anyone can share suggestions or examples for a short assessment which we could set during an interview for the role of a Project Manager


It isn't something that we have done as a company previously but are keen to try. 


Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Gillian,

    What are the behaviours and skills that you are seeking to assess? Where does your current selection process have gaps that you are looking to plug? 



    • Hi Becca

      Thanks for your comment.. I don't think it's a concern that we have gaps in our current process, we will complete a staged interview process using behaviour based  questions.

      We won't be able to meet the candidates, so will only be able to use Zoom/Teams.

      My thoughts are that we would like to see how the candidates deal with a 'problem' or with a mass of information presented to them, so we would seek to observe their problem solving skills, what they extract as priorities and what and how they communicate.





    Hi Gillian

    I saw one that I liked that could be set up on a flipchart or dry wipe board where the candidate is asked to assign tasks to across departments. It is intended for groups but I reckon it could be adapted and used as a springboard for discussion, here's a link:



    I read on a website someone suggesting asking 'How tall are the pyramids in Eygpt?' That seems like an awful question with all kinds of in-built problems - who could possibly prepare for that! But the point was to see how a project manager deals with the question: how do they prioritise? How do they deal with distractions in a project?

    I'm not sure I subscribe to this, the L&D within me tells me never to ask a question that you know people can't answer, but it's an interesting approach I guess.

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