I submitted my first assessment almost 3 weeks ago but I haven't had any feedback yet. I was wondering how long it typically takes? Do you get a notification via email that you have feedback?

Many thanks,


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  • Hello, 


    Thanks for your help. I received feedback thank you. Philp - I'm unsure what you mean? 

    • Hi Tabitha,

      With posting in the Employment law section of the forum, I assume you submitted the assesments for the employment law module (which is the 6th module to complete)?

      The first module is on being an effective practitioner.

      I always understood it was best to do the modules in order.


  • Hi Tabitha Alexander,

    Sorry abit off topic, but if its your first assesment in the programme, shouldn't you have started with being an Effective Practiitioner?


    Tabitha Alexander
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  • Thank you very much Lisa. I'm still just under 3 weeks so hopefully it will be there soon. Thanks for your help :) 

  • Hi

    The assessors have up to 3 weeks to mark and send your feedback.  If you haven't had it, you can email the facilitators to chase up for you.

    You should get an email notification but I have had 2 instances where I didn't get it and I just happened to log in to LMS Enable and it was sat there. I know others have also had the same issue.  Might be worth logging in to check if it is there if you haven't already. 


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