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Hi everyone

New here and have a question. Forgive me if someone else has asked this before but I can't see it.

Why does the level 3 and level 5 certificate or diploma all have the same Assoc CIPD initials after your name?  Why is there no differentiation between the level 3 and 5 and no differentiation between the certificate and diploma?

Many thanks


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  • Good Afternoon Lisa, thank you for your message! We are glad to see you using the community.

    On completion of the L3 or L5 HR and L&D Programmes, you will recieve the CIPD Associate membership, which is why the initials after your name remain the same. This is stipulated by the CIPD. The differentiation would be the level of qualificaton you have chosen to complete. 

    I hope this helps!

    • Hmmm maybe I read that wrong.  I was trying to ask why the Assoc CIPD after a name is for a certificate AND a diploma and also the same letters for level 3 and level 5.  For example, Joe Bloggs Assoc CIPD and Fred Bloggs CIPD but Joe has done a level 3 certificate and Fred has done a level 5 diploma.  I would have thought they would be different to differentiate.

      • Hi Lisa

        To quote the CIPD: "When you successfully complete a Certificate or Diploma, at any level, you’ll become an Associate member, meaning you can use the designatory letters Assoc CIPD after your name. If you complete the Level 7 Advanced Diploma, you can apply to upgrade to Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow if you have the relevant experience."

        So Assoc demonstrates that you have completed a CIPD qualification at level 3, 5 or 7. 




        Associate Member (Assoc CIPD) | CIPD
        Find out about the benefits of becoming a CIPD associate member (Assoc CIPD), and how it can advance your career in HR or learning and development.
        • Hi Gary,


          Ultimately then the differences between the accreditation levels comes down to what you would put on your CV/LinkedIn profile? Is it common for employers to request the paperwork to back this up?

          • Hi James

            I'm not sure I follow. Once you get any CIPD qualification you can put Assoc after your name. If you upgrade to Chartered Membership, you can put CMCIPD after your name. Beyond that is 'Fellow'.

            In my experience, employers check.

            Best wishes,


            • Hi Gary

              My initial question was really wanting to know why, if I complete a Level 3 certificate and you complete a Level 5 diploma, we both have the same initials after our name.  I would have thought there would be a difference to show that you had completed more modules (diploma v certificate) at a higher level (3 v 5). 

              For example, the ILM level 3 has AMinstLM (Affiliate/Associate Member) but if you have more years' experience or the higher level 5, you can put MinstLM (Member).


              • I see your point, entirely. Ultimately, I'm just passing on what I know.

                This is the way the CIPD have set it up, they'd be best placed to explain why they do it that way :)

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