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Hi All,

Wonder if anyone is able to advise...

Do you know if you're able to ask an individual about circumstances surrounding an attachment of earnings order?  I never have before, but I'm interested to know what other people do?  

Thanks in advance!


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  • Hi Becky,

    Funny enough we had this scenario come up also last week. Our payroll company will be calculating the affordable rates and advised we should not approach the employee about this as this is seen as strictly confidential and could lead to debates on how much they could afford. The payroll company advised the employee would have opted into this setup when they were presented with options and would receive a letter confirming this in any case.
    This is the advice we received however I'm curious whether there are any other opinions on this.

  • Morning Becky

    Do you know what has prompted the request to ask re the attachment of earnings order?

    There may be someone on the HR Zone who works in payroll who knows more about this. 

    My understanding  is this is simply around an employer executing and facilitating a formal request.

    There is also some good info here on the CAB website aimed at employees more but still quite useful:

    All the best


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