Hi everyone,


I threw myself into this course with umph back in late August then life and covid hit, then covid hit me and now trying to get my head back into writing this first asignment for DVP.  I am thinking about going back over my notes then possibly re-writing my part written assignment.  Is anyone else jumping back on the horse? (so to speak)

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  • Hi

    I lost my job at the end of December and now finding it hard to motivate myself.  Spent lots of time last year looking for another job but without any success.  Worried now as I registered in mid July and not done much of the course and have 16.5 months left to complete it.  I am finding the course very difficult as there is lots of analysing to do.  How are you finding it?



  • oh gosh I am so glad to read this as this is exactly me! I signed up last April and watched the welcome webinar and literally never got any further! Am worried that 14 months wont be long enough!!

    I am trying to start again now but am literally going round in circles and dont really know how to actually start! Any help form anyone in the same boat would me much appreciated!

  • I started in March last year and then lockdown happened and trying to work from home and homeschooling meant I just couldn't find enough time for everything. I, therefore, put my course to one side and have only just picked it back up now. I'm feeling a bit stressed I've only got 14 months now to complete it but I know it should be enough if I put the time in now. Finding the eLearning ok, but like most of you, I'm on the first assignment now and have not done anything like this before and I think it's probably taking longer than it should as I'm seriously overthinking it! Agree that it's so nice to know there's a few of us all feeling the same.

  • Yes, I like yourself attacked my learning with Gusto last year, but the reality of furlough and redundancy hit so my motivation and want for learning took a big hit. I am determined for 2021 to be my year so setting asida some time each day to continue my learning wothout burning out,

    Good luck on your return and I hope you are all recovered.



  • Hi Sharon,

    It's nice to hear that other people are in the same boat!  Makes me feel a lot better.  I started back in September and then I started being ill from the Chemo I was on.  I have just finished my last cycle so I now need to get back into it.  I hadn't even started the assignment and I am still part way through the online lessons on DVP.  I made lots of notes, so hopfully I won't need to start fully from scratch!  Hope you are feeling much better...

    • Hi Christine,

      It is nice to hear that there are a few of us in the same boat and it certainly makes me feel better.  Chemo is a bugger - I had skin cancer a couple of years ago and my hair is just about filling out again.  Take it easy and give me a nudge anytime as I am starting to go through the lessons again too and make notes.

      Hopefully catch up soon




  • Hello Sharron, yes I'm in the same boat. I hope you have recovered from your bout of Covid. I didn't have it myself but a family member has been very sick with something else, then Christmas and now here we are. I feel like I've forgotten everything. I'm going to start again, hoping thaat I will be quicker this time. Good luck with everything. 

    • Hi Deborah,

      Fantastic to hear that there are more of us.  It was beginning to feel like I could be the only one but then it's always like that isn't it.  Good luck to you with starting again and fingers crossed for the assignments.  Will let you know how I progress :-) 



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