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Back to work after sickness

Hi, I have currently just started the level 5 diploma whilst working as an office manager for a property and surveying company.

I do a few HR tasks at work and my Manager has asked me to impement a Back to work procedure.

Currently we have nothing at all here. 

Can anyone please help me with a template of questions that can be asked during an employees back to work interview.


Many thanks



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  • Hi Natalie

    I have sent you this.



  • Hi Sarah, 

    Thank you.  That is very kind of you 

    I will pop you over an email now.


  • Hi Natalie

    If you send me an email I will send you a template return to work interview form with some suggested questions you will however need to tailor this to your own organisation.

    [email protected]

    All the best


  • Hi Natalie,

    Having a back to work policy is a really good idea, both for the employees and the company.

    We have a standard 'Return to Work Interview' form, which we use after every absense (or should do, in all honesty it doesn't always get done after one or two day absenses), but especially after a long period of absense.

    Our form has two tick boxes- 1. has the employee confirmed that they feel fit and ready to return to work? 2. Do they have a fit note from their GP?

     Points of discussion on the form include:

    - The reason for the absense, any work-related stressors, any personal issues they'd like to discuss?

    - Adjustments that could be made to avoid further absense of this nature

    - Making the employee aware of any changes that have happened while they've been away

    - Do they feel up to date and happy to carry on with their work or do they need someone to assist them?

    - Agree priorities for the post absense period

    - Adjustments that could be made to make their return to work easier

    - Check if they are taking any medication that might impede their work, i.e. that might make them drowsy

    The Line Manager will usually conduct the interview, make notes, which the employee will then sign and the form gets saved into their personnel file. If the employee has been off with a mental health related issue then it might also be worth implementing a Wellness Action Plan, which you can get a template for from the Mind website-  https://www.mind.org.uk/workplace/mental-health-at-work/taking-care...

    For a long term or serious absense you could also think about having regular one-to-one catch ups with their Line Manager, say, once a week at first, then twice a month, once a month etc. until the employee is back at full steam. You could also assign a 'buddy'- a colleague who the employee feels comfortable with, who will be tasked with looking out for them, meeting up with them and escalating any concerns. Implementing a buddy system might be a bit more intensive, beacause you would need to ask for volunteers and may need to provide some training, such as Mental Health First Aid.

    Best of luck,




    Wellness Action Plan download | Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental health problems
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