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Background Checks/References


Reaching out to the community for some assistance...

I work for a financial services company and we are looking to change our supplier for background checks (criminal record, credit history, work references, driving licence etc), but are struggling to find providers worth their salt.  Who do you use?  Do you recommend them?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I have found and interviewed four good suppliers to carry out full background searches.  I will make our selection from there. No further assistance required, thanks.

  • I normally tell people to be very careful when they use third parties to undertake any work and that goes for "screening services". One provider I know is constantly hiring staff (high staff turnover) with job titles like "CV reviewer" and "HR Advisor but then you find they are only paying their staff NMW/NLW. So my advice is, do your due diligence checks and make sure you know what you are signing up for and beware of contract periods. To be honest everything except checking financial history can be done by yourselves. Reference checks - most employers will only give tombstone replies, a few reference checking agencies believe that if they keep sending further requests then the employers will give in. Not so and in the meantime, you are paying for this fruitless and pointless exercise. Worse case example I know of is where the biggest name in the business does exactly this, requested a reference and received a tombstone, then kept sending further requests for the same person only to get a tombstone reference back, a battle of wills? No, the employer's HR was actually outsourced, tombstone references were all they were contracted to send out, and even if they could they didn't have the information that was required. The checking company can't talk to the outsourced company and vice versa, in the meantime the costs escalate, and time marches on. At the end of the day, customers end up paying for this madness! 

  • Hi

    Try Agenda screening services- They do not do references though.

    Kind regards



    I'd be interested why you are looking to change your supplier? A lot of "cheap" third-party suppliers are cheap for a reason that isn't always beneficial to the customer!

    • It is due to the poor service we have received. It’s not been fair on our candidates.

  • Hi Paula,

    The Company I used to work for used Sterling Back Check which was ok.

    Sorry only just joined community so only just seen your post,



    • Thank you 

  • Hi Paula

    Sorry you have not had a reply as yet, I know there are a number of particpants who work for organisations who underake these but I can't remember the company names.

    Can anyone help Paula please?


    • thanks for trying, Sarah

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