Hi All, 

My name is Claudia and I'm an HR Manager at a software company. I would like to know what HR software do you use at your company?

We have 50 employees at the moment but we are looking to grow to 100-150 by next year. They don't have a proper HR department yet so I will be setting it up for them and therefore I would like to start it with a great HR software which would help me with most of my HR duties (on/offboarding, sending out contracts and offer letters, e-signing, completely paperless, etc.)

Thank you for your help.


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  • Hi Claura I would recommend Breathe HR. I have brought this in for a couple of similar sized clients to your organisation (50 - 150). It is a cloud based platform and the Breathe team are great and very helpful.

    Pricing is very good too.

    Breathe | Software That Puts People First (breathehr.com)

    Best wishes


    Breathe | Software That Puts People First
    Low cost & intuitive cloud-based HR software ideal for growing businesses: Offering many useful features & simple price options - FULL FREE TRIAL
  • I would like to recommend Open HRMS software. It is an open-source HR management software suitable for both small-scale and large-scale enterprises. Open HRMS HR dashboard enables the automation of routine HR tasks that are time consuming and allows you to customize it according to your HR workflow so that you can proceed to work with greater ease.

    HR Dashboard | Open HRMS
    Human Resource dashboard is an important part of an HR software, Get tuned to Openhrms HR dashboard and see how it makes things easier for the HR dep…
  • If you are looking for the best hr for 50-150 employees, I will suggest the Technology counter which is the best online software recommendation platform, they will suggest the right hr software for your business. You can See user reviews, pricing, and get a free demo of SaaS HRIS. 


    Best HR Software in India 2021 - Find, Compare & Review
    Find top 10 Best HR Software Solutions in 2021. Compare the HRMS solution that fits your business. See user reviews, pricing, and get free demo of Sa…
  • Hi Claudia,


    Look at NatWest Mentor, they have a free HR software programme thats really easy to use.



    Best regards



    Employment Law & HR – Health & Safety – Mentor - NatWest Mentor
  • Hi

    We're about to launch PeopleHR in the new year... we have about 150 employees currently and a very old fashioned paper (forms galore) based system... I can't wait!



  • Hi Claudia,

    I work at a software company too! We found that our employees wanted something starigh forward an easy to use!

    We originally had Select HR and it was just impossible! (In everyway- to use, to understand, to update) so we started to look on the market February time this year. We came across People HR and have never looked back. We are currently on a mission to go paperless with it and it has been hassle free! All of our employees love how straight forward it is and we have had so much support from the guys at People too! The upload was really easy and simple- It has single sign on and we now have everything e - signed. couldnt reccoment enough!



    • Phoebe, can I just ask quickly, is there lots of uploading involved (ie; scanning of documents etc) or is it all completely online (ie; forms can be completed etc online). How much did it reduce paperwork etc? It's not something I'm looking at in the immediate future but possibly within the next 6 months or so, so trying to get prepared. 

      Thanks so much


      • Hi Jacquie,


        You have the option to create your own online forms which it great and easy to use and also have the opportunity to upload your own documents such as probation/salary letters and the employee can electronically sign themseves which is gret and saves a lot of paper! For all new starters since we launched they do not have paperfolders,  their account/profiles on peoplehr are our master souce of data, we do hold personal files online but we operate paperless as possible!


        When you firs upload the infomation this may take a bit of admin work but People make it as simple as possible as instead of creating each person individual you just input details on a master spreadsheet such as: Name, DOB, Salay, Address, Payroll Details, Holidays ect and then upload the document as it will mass produce each employees account so once the spreadsheet it done you are all set to launch company wide :)


        I would really recommend this Platform!



        • Thanks Phoebe, this sounds great. I think I'll go have an explore and see if I can get prices and a demo... :)

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