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We have a degree student with us at the moment, who has made an allegation of bullying towards 2 of the senior nurses at one of our hospitals. We will follow this up informally in the first instance, with the student and the nurses, but I just wanted to confirm whether our Bullying At Work Policy applies / should apply to student nurses on placement? Should this student be treated as an employee? The student's college is aware of the allegation and have given her permission not to attend the rest of her placement. Any tips on how to proceed will be appreciated - I am very keen to resolve quickly for the sake of all involved and the reputation of the hospital.

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  • Hello,

    From what you have stated I would say you need to treat the student as an employee. If they are working for you even on a placement I think you still have a moral responsibility towards that person.

    Beginning by taking statements informally would be good in order to assess the situation in a more relaxed manner. However, if the University thinks the situation is bad enough to tell the student they no longer need to attend I would formally investigate the matter.





  • Hi Jeremy

    I guess it would depend on what your policy states, and whether there was any alleged harassment as this also applies to workers.

    On balance I would see no reason not to follow your normal procedures. However I do not work in an NHS envicornment, so there may be others more qualifired to answer this question.

    What is the relationship with the University, as the individual may also be covered by their policy?



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