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I was hoping that I could get some suggestions in relation to change management and putting this into practice.  We have merged with a larger Company and the integration and harmonisation is ongoing.  As is expected, we have alot of people who are looking for answers and are restless and unsettled.  We really want people to view this as a postive thing and engage our employees through the process and deter gossip!

Has anyone else been through something similar and does anyone have any suggestions?  Our intial thoughts are to set up a change management group consisting of employees and managers.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be welcome.



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  • Thanks Sarah. The article gave a valuable insight.

  • Hi Jennifer

    I know this was a while ago now but I also found this really interesting article about merging two different corporate cultures.

    It may also help you Karen as I know exactly what you mean!

    All the best


  • Hi Jennifer, I think that is an excellent idea.  Our company has just bought out another company and is going through the early stages of merger and the key thing that employees keep commenting on is lack of communication.  Getting the approval of the directors to communicate effectively with the rest of the employees is like walking in treacle in our organisation.  However, in my experience employees feel far more settled and valued if they are communicated to.

  • Hi Jennifer

    I noticed your post was a little while ago care to share any tips about what worked well for
    you in terms of managing the change?

    I know that culture change can take much longer but wondered how you were getting on?


  • Hi Jennifer,

    I am currently attempting to write a Change Management course for our first line managers. My company is going through something similar and I belive that although the communications come from the very top, since they are the emplyee facing roles, people on the shop floor struggle to take on board what messages are communicated out. Therefore, we are looking at providing change management training to the enabling roles who can truly influence on the shop floor. I think that a change management team is a good idea, as long as they are willing to spend long periods of time amoungst the people who are struggling with the change.

    Good luck Jennifer,


  • Hi Jennifer 

    I like the idea of a group consisting of employees, managers and right up to CEO. Now more than ever the people who work for your organisation need clear transparent communication and strong leadership. I worked for RBS insurance when it was going through IPO and a working group called the ERB (employee representative board) was set up. Employees from different areas of the business collated questions and ideas and presented them at the wider ERB meeting where managers, senior managers and the CEO listened to the concerns and challenges and responded to these and the outputs were shared across the business quickly.

    It's definitely a great idea.

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