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I was on the way into work this morning and heard the CEO of Birmingham Children's Hospital outline how they had improved standards to such a point where they recently received outstanding status after being criticised 8 years ago for poor standards of care:

CEO Sarah-Jane Marsh outlined that she felt this was down to changing the culture at the hospital and she also expanded on the links between treating employees with compassion as an employer that in turn meant patients were treated with compassion by staff. 

It was also interesting how on the radio she also said that the majority of the staff at the hospital were directly employed, or that they used their own bank staff and very rarely relied on agency workers, as she felt that this meant that staff were more aligned with the culture and values.  That the culture change had been a lengthy process for the hospital - great to see them reap the rewards.  The CEO went on to say that it was by engaging genuinely with staff that had made the real difference, and that staff generally have the best ideas of how to approach something.

We had been discussing the Flexible Firm model and the core versus peripheral workers in our London Level 5 group yesterday and a couple of participants who were in the process of supporting the opening of new hotels in London also felt that culture and values were critical.

Are you in the middle of a culture change, or at the start of one it would be great to hear how you are approaching this!

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