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Hi All, 

I failed my CHR assignment and I wanted to know if someone can explain me conextual data and it's concept as it was the part I failed.

Question was '' Assess and utilise different sources of business and contextual data for planning purposes'' and feedback was ''You have not really defined the data methods or talked about the contextual concept. There is very little explanation of your approach.''

I have defined different types of data, data methods as well as contextual data ire external data, and that  it's important to use it to cross refrence your internal data. For example, you notice that you have a very high staff turnover but when you compare it with your competitors it's not that bad as it appeared at first.  I also mentioned that your data can be affected by location, industry etc. I'm not sure what else to say. Should I mention HRIS and relevance to data?

Thank you!


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  • Hi Kristina

    My general advice for this criteria is: Start by defining contextual data. Next assess a minimum of four different types of data. These should be a mix of qualitative and quantitative – and internal and external. This helps to demonstrate that you are adept at understanding different data types (and it will help you when you come to the UIN unit). As a stepping stone to get you evaluation started, think about things like the reliability, the validity and integrity of the sources.

    I hope this helps. If not, and you'd like to discuss this with a Facilitator, email them on

    In addition, feel free to speak to a Facilitator in a webcast, details of which are here:


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