CIPD Level 5 Diploma



Is anyone struggling with the assignments?

I can do the studying no problem, but writing up about it - i'm struggling!

I didn't go to uni and haven't had to write an assignment for like 7 years - if anyone can help/give me any advice please 


Thank you amber

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  • Hi, I was in the exact same boat.  I really enjoyed the elessons and studying, however, when it came to assessments really struggled.  I have stuck with it...although it hs taken me 2 years and I am on my final assessment.

    Like you I did not go to University or further education after school, it was straight out to work, and I felt I used that as a barrier for learning instead of embracing all the skills and knowledge I have gained over my working career to support me.

    With the exception of 1 assessment, which ironically I kept avoiding (UIN) every assessment has been referred, again, when this happened I would tell myself, I cant do this.  However, I dusted myself down and went back to the drawing board and passed on second attempt.

    Keep with can do it and if you thought it was beneficail I am happy to join your whatsapp group.

    You can do this :)





    • Hiya Anne,


      Honestly i thought i would just be able to do it no problem and im like struggling big time!

      I just keep avoiding it - not even to be lazy but because im so worried! 

      I dont have a whatsapp group at the moment but im happy to join/make one! xx

  • Hi Amber


    I have set up a WhatsApp group, I started In Aug 202 but so far havent submitted the first assignment as I am havig a mental block!!  Theres a few of us in the group, if you want to join then send me your mobile number.

    When did you start?

    • Hi 
      I'm struggling to get started! Could someone point me in the right direction please?
      I signed up in May and as yet haven't done my first assignment "professional behaviours and valuing people"  No issues with the reading it's just what to include in the assignment! 

    • Hi Amber,

      I would really like to join the WhatsApp group if possible. A year later I'm still on the first assignment.

      I can't see the option to dm so not sure how to send my details to you?

      • Hi Chido, I will add you as a connection, you can then send me your number by direct message.  I will add you to the group :) .... we are all in the same position.

    • Hi Nicky,

         I joined in May this year and am yet to start the first assignment, I have only found this forum today after going via the CIPD Community! Would it be possible to be added to your Whatsapp group if theres "room" please :)


      • Hi Clare - Of course, the more the merrier - we have our first zoom call planned for Monday evening - send me a DM with your mobile number and email address and I will get you added


        Nicky x

        • Hi Nicky, have you been able to add me to the group as I haven't had an invite or notification? :)




        • Thanka Nicky, will DM you now :)

          Clare x

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