CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HR

Hi All,

I can't believe I'm writing this as I feel a little embarresed but I joined DPG back in 2019 to start my course and as of yet I have completed the e-learning for DVP, prepped for the assessment but I can't bring myself to start the actual assignment. 

I feel like I need to just restart again as it has been so long, lots of drastic changes have happened in my life since november 2019 and I think I could really do with a support network with people in the same boat to finally start and fingers crossed complete this course. 

I've just started a new job and have a 6 month old to work around but I'm really determined to make it work this time. 

Also, I've been out of education a few years and I think I'm just a bit worried about actually writing the assessments. 

If anyone has recently started or has struggled to get past the first hurdle and wants to form a bit of a support/study group then please let me know. 

Thanks everyone, 



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  • I am also in the same boat :(

    Started CIPD Level5 Diploma course in June 2020, not been able to concentrate on my course due to some unavoidable professonal and personal reasons. I too recently chnaged my job in June 2021 and now trying to go back to my course. Please add me as well to the group, I greatly appreciate it... My number is 07448654130. 


    Thank you,


  • Hi Hannah

    I can't believe so many people are in the same boat! I started in Oct 2019 and haven't got very far. I'm happy to be added to a support whassap group :)

    • Hi Verity, I have added you as a connection, please DM me you number and I will add you to the group.

  • So glad I have seen this, I started last year and got nowhere yet! I have done my DVP e-learning and no further happy to join a group to push me along!!


    • Hi Victoria, I have added you as a connection, please DM me you number and I will add you to the group.

      • Hi Nicky,

        I am on the same boat, started in December 2019 and stopped the course during COVID. Restarted in December 2021 and got an extension until July 2022. I am trying to send DVP, and I will appreciate any support. My work takes most of my time, and the weekends are left for study. Can I please be added to your group? My number is 07775265495. Thank you.


  • Hi Hannah, I am in the same boat having joined December 2020. Please could you add me to the group? My number is 07743459554. Thanks, Kelly x 

    • Hi Kelly, I have added you as a connection, please DM me you number and I will add you to the group.

  • my mobile is 07917684468 if you could add me I would be grateful x


  • Me too I cant seem to get my head around it can I please be added I started last year and submitted anything as yet 

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