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Hi all,

I have recently started my CIPD level 5 for HRM, and I am currently learning about the HR profession map as part of the module.Having had no prior knowledge of the profession map prior to my studies I thought it was quite difficult to get your head around (particularly the different bands and what you should know for each area). I did start to question whether I was fulfilling my duties in my current role. That said now I have done more reading I feel a lot more comfortable with it and I have started to put together a development plan to fill any gaps in my knowledge.This process got me thinking hence the post.I wondered how often do you use and relate to the CIPD map?How has the CIPD map helped you/ and your organisation?I recently completed an assessment on the CIPD's website to see were I fit. I clicked most of the professional areas as well as all the behaviours. The report was quite complex.I wondered do you prefer completing such assessments covering all areas and behaviours or do you prefer to select a couple of behaviours and professional areas so you can really concentrate on your development needs?I look forward to hearing people's responses.

Many thanks

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  • Hi Sean,

    Great post and one that has had me thinking for a few days. I have used the CIPD Profession Map in the past but being honest I don't use it on a regular basis. I've used to it to help me specifically look at behaviours that HR / L&D professionals should be demonstrating.

    I'm a big believer that both L&D and HR need to be Role Models in the organisation and it's great to see Role Model is one of the behaviours. I'm also interested in Courage to Challenge and Collaborative as these things appeal to me personally. With this in mind I've used the documents on each of these behaviours to compare what I do and how I do it with the behaviours from the MAP. 

    I also have found the bands useful as means to visually see the levels and expectations of different levels of role within HR. If your aspirations are to be a senior leader then you need to know what this means and what sort of knowledge, skills and behaviours you'll need to demonstrate to perform at this level. Great to highlight strengths or development areas that can inform your CPD and development plan. 

    Finally as Sarah points out the MyCPD self-assessment is a great tool for a line in the sand on your current performance levels and looks like they've updated it to include the recommended reading and other support tools which is great. 

    When you first look at the MAP it can seem overwhelming with too much information. Start small and in chunks and focus on areas that interest you. Don't worry though you don't need to know it inside and out - hope this helps 


  • Hi Sean

    This post got me thinking as I have been thinking about the very same thing recently and reflecting on the fact that I had not completed the My CPD map.  I think it is now something which I will build in when I update my CPD record which I tend to do 1/4.  I would personally choose a couple of professional areas to focus on that said I am a generalist not a specialist so I always have some professional areas I can develop in.

    I did however recently learn something from one of the participants that the My CPD map automatically generates a list of recommended reading and research to support with the development gaps which I thought sounded a really useful idea and I will definitely be trying out!

    What does everyone else think about this?

    Kind regards


    • Thanks Sarah

      At the moment my role focuses on the professional area - Learning and Development.

      That said I do want to focus on a few professional areas in order to progress my career. My plan is to complete my CPD and then move from my current role and move towards becoming a HR advisor and then HRBP within my organisation.

      The map is really helping me to understand what I need to do and what I need to know, so I can start putting together my CPD for my career aspirations. 

      Although I have not used the resources recommended to myself on my CPD map I must say I was rather impressed  and thought it was a nice touch to the map. As well as this the map highlights your strengths and weaknesses so you can plan your development needs, which is useful for me as part of the level 5 assignment is to create a SWOT analysis based on the CPD map.

      I must admit I had to complete the map twice as I was rather critical on myself and started to question my job role. I spoke over with line manager and we were able to reflect I had scored myself lower on some tasks and too high on others. I do think there could be more questions asked on your self assessment for each of the professional areas. I would of assumed there would of been a question for almost every scenario on the "what you need to know and what you need to do" part of the map. That said it would get very tedious, but also a good way to truly test yourself.

      Sarah please will you let us all know how you got on with the map?

      Many thanks


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