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HR and L&D can both utilise social media to support collaboration, communication and learning but in many workplaces social media is still seen as being unproductive and in fact dangerous.

What does your organisation do?

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Social Media and the workplace survey

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  • Found this quite interesting on the subject too


    • We use Yammer Mike though quite new to our organisation. Just this week a Yammer Use Policy was created and circulated (not read it yet as been off site). We've found it really useful within training for using it to share company info and clips etc and communicate with colleagues as we are based throughout Scotland, England and Ireland
      • You might find some useful things on Yammer over here

        link may not work as on my mobile but will sort it :)
        • We tried using Yammer in my organisation for a while, a couple of years ago now.  I really felt it was a very useful resource, particularly as we have several satellite offices where staff do not get to visit the main HQ office very often.

          Unfortunately I feel it was poorly rolled out to the staff and with no clear guidelines on how it should be used (I'll quickly add that this was before I took up the HR post!). As such, some staff used it more than others, some for generally chatting away all day - to the point where questions were asked about how much work one individual was doing each day as he seemed to be always chatting on Yammer!

          It came into it's own on one memorable occasion - when we were all snowed in at home and couldn't get to the offices. It was really useful then to be able to keep up with each other and pass on relevant work directions,

          It did in the end get shelved though - too many staff were simply not using it as they found it distracting, whilst others were using it far too much..  A real pity, as I could see the value in such a resource. A live message board would be a great resource in any organisation, surely?

          It may be that the organisation simply was not ready for it, although I suspect it was more a case that the staff are not all entirely comfortable with IT.. We only have a handful on Twitter as it is! 

          I see it as my challenge to bring them around and see the immense value in social media in bringing the workplace closer together and building a better communication ethos.

          Wish me luck - this could be a long battle! ;-)

          • Excellent stuff Steve there are a number of blogs I'll point you to that may give you some inspiration and insight as well as some ideas to approach bringing these tools in to your organisations.

            For these things to work there need to be a few things in place (the 4 P's):

            Platform - Have you got the right technology for people to access / use

            People - Have you got the people who are aware of the WIIFM and How it works and the benefits of sharing - this is critical in understanding the reason behind it and helping people understand the value

            Passion - In order to change work habits and bring about change you need passionate people and those who aren't afraid to do something different. Do people care enough about doing their jobs that they want to improve how they work.

            Pipe Piper - YOU! We need advocates and champions and those who role model using the tools and supporting others to help show the way they can be used. It needs to be part of the work not something as a extra - we have got to wear the T-Shirt....

            As you've used Yammer before and Rachel is using is check out this great resource on using Yammer - it's got loads of great content around using it and how to approach bringing it in to organisations.


            Good luck and keep us posted on the journey - it's a hard slog but well worth the effort.


      • Excellent - there is a fantastic opportunity for HR and L&D to not only use tools like Yammer but to influence and support strategically around how the tools can be used to support and enhance communication and help people work smarter.

        Who is currently using it or supporting it's use in the business?

        Social tools have played a massive part in my career as I've championed and been a real advocate to use them to break down silo's and help people share what they know in a more open way. Whether it's Yammer or some other tool the big difference is the behaviour and culture behind the tools that make it work or not. It's a great opportunity for people to shine and add more value than ever before.....

        Creating a community ethos and a sense of team across your business if really important and giving people the confidence to speak up and share their ideas is crucial. It also must be something that is role modeled by the leaders in your business. It's also an opportunity to build some personality and raise people's profiles and help them to network and connect with people.

        I did a Prezi on how Social Media have helped my career develop and progress - might give you some ideas or food for thought :)

        Using Social Tools to Support Professional Development

        Here is also a YT vid I found in this great article entitled "Staying Off Social Networks will hurt you" - well worth a read and 4 mins well spent watching the video


    • Interesting video thanks for sharing.

      Do you use any social tools in your organisation Rachel?

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