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Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone would be keen to share any experiences they have of continuous feedback supporting (or even replacing) their annual review process? 

The process we have in place at the moment is extremely admin heavy, and I'd love to be able to refocus the process more around the conversations that should be taking place, and proactive development, and wondered what gems of knowledge may already be out there!

Thank you in advance! :)

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  • Hi Kate. I think the idea of continous feedback is well worth exploring with or without an appraisal process. A while back, helping new Team Leaders get up to speed on appraisals, my advice was always that an appraisal should just really formalise stuff that was already known - there should be no surprises. My view is that if a manager is using an appraisal 'meeting' to bring up new stuff, be that under performance or something more positive around achievement then they've missed a trick in doing what they need to do in the moment. Appraisals should just really sum up what's already happened.

    For that though, you do need that constant flow of conversation and like Nebel has included, it requires a coaching too. 

    But now I think about it, if that's in place and working well, really well, is there any need for an appraisal anyhow or does that just become a formal tick box exercise? 

  • Hi Kate

    An interesting article on continuous conversations that you might find useful via PM Insight. Ourselves, we're moving towards a quarterly model of continuous conversations without an annual appraisal.

    PM Insight article and download link

    Could continuous feedback supplant the traditional annual appraisal?
    After decades of being the primary form of employee performance evaluation, the annual appraisal is experiencing competition from more innovative sty…
  • Hi Nebel,

    Thanks for the link - it's certainly an interesting discussion with some very good points (which I'll be raising in conversations with our senior team!). It all sounds so logical in combating what is usually found as an admin heavy and disengaging process!

    Thanks so much


  • Hi Kate

    At River Island we moved away from a traditional annual review process about 3 years ago. if you want some insights into how we are moving towards an employee led career development and coaching management style of performance management you can listen to a CIPD podcast we contributed to:



    Coaching Culture | Podcast | CIPD
    We explore the development of the coaching culture and how coaching is becoming the new norm for real-time performance management.
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