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Hi all

I am with my new London group today and we are talking about all things CPD.

So here is a really useful podcast on CPD with some quite novel takes on the forms that CPD can take e.g. book clubs and the new and innovative ways companies such as Caterpillar are approaching CPD.

Worth a listen, and it could perhaps help you with your CPD record, which from experience can come as a surprise at the end of the course if you have not been regularly updating it.




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  • Hi can anyone tell me where the CPD log is please? I've typed up records from watching the e-lessons but i see you have to submit your CPD plan when you send your assignment and i havent done it! Can anyone tell me how to get a plan please>

  • This is a really useful podcast for the DVP module so thanks Sarah for sharing.

    • Really good in terms of CPD in thinking 'outside the box' in the fact that it does not have to be traditional classroom based learning.

      Good to note that CPD although not mandatory as in other professions is driven by personal ambition - Where do you want to be?

      • Do you think CPD should be mandatory Gillian like in other professions?

        The whole motivation / ambition piece is fascinating - been doing some reading on SDT (Self-Determination Theory) and how it links to motivation and things like CPD


        Also worth checking out the CPD cycle pages on the CIPD website

        • Good question! To make CPD mandatory would provide structure to your plan but then when the minimum is done then would anymore be done for personal drive/ambition. At least if it was mandatory you would know that the professional you are dealing with is exactly that.. what are your thoughts?
          Thanks for the SDT theory, interesting.
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