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Hi All,

I am currently reviewing how we record candidate CVs and progress reports of interviews. We currently use an excel spreadsheet that I have to update manually when I am notified of next round interviews. Can anyone advise of how they record CVs/Interview notes effectively? Does anyone know of a software that records candidate data and where you can store interview otes?



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  • Hi Jacqui


    I would be very interested to see your spreadsheet, we are very small and it would not be viable to buy in software. Would you be able to share your, I would be very grateful for your help.

    Many thanks


  • Hi Jacqui,

    I work in Talent Acquistion and we use a product called Workable for scheduling interviews, managing pipelines and interview feedback. It's a contemporary tool and it's great! 

    • Thank you Tabitha - Can I ask, is your company a large company? My organisation is quite small (under 50 employees) and I wonder if they would cater for SMEs?



      • My company is 500 people in total, however, the company I worked at previously had 20 people and we also used Workable. 

        • Thank you.

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